What's your opinion on the conspiracy tweets?

It took no less than 30 minutes after the Boston Marathon bombings, before conspiracy theories started wildly circulating around the Internet. From the totally absurd to the suspiciously plausible, here's our wrap up of the most popular theories being thrown around.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who runs the websites InfoWars and PrisonPlanet, launched the first shot across the bow with a sympathetic and skeptical Tweet ending with the hash tag "falseflag." The term originates from the days of naval warfare when ships would fly different national flags to subvert or escape enemy vessels. In conspiracy parlance, "false flag" refers to any situation where an attack is presumed orchestrated by a government or organization pretending to be someone or something else.




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I have exactly no patience with conspiracy hawkers. I think they're pretty stupid, emotional people, and they have no concept of evidence and proof. I don't make my mind up unless there's some rational reason to do so. In my tradition, there is an old story of a man walking into a house, and then walking out some time later, and after that, the owner of the house is found to be dead. Does that mean the man who entered killed the man? How in the world could you know, unless you had evidence? Maybe the owner was dead before the man even entered. Maybe the owner committed suicide. Maybe someone entered BEFORE the observed sequence and murdered the owner. The point is, you don't decide until you have facts, and circumstantial observations are not evidence. Pfeh!

Natalie, my sentiments exactly.  I have no patience for people, ESPECIALLY IN THE MEDIA (!!), who are so quick to make over-reactive presumptions based on zero evidence.  It's just plain irresponsible and unprofessional.   

Right Patricia - you hear that more often now it seems.

They look like college kids.  Maybe it is some sort of post-industrial Leopold and Loeb, only they are Mideastern students who overstayed their Visas and felt guilty when enjoying our freedoms, such that they wanted to prove what good little Jihadists they are. -- well, that is the stereotype, the "profile."  Maybe they are holograms.




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