There are a lot of reasons to love this country - the people, the diversity, our collective values.

But one of the things that is sometimes underappreciated is the sheer natural beauty of Canada.

In some ways, you can see why. We live in such a big country, it's tough for many of us to see it all.

But ask anyone who's done it, and they'll tell you, it's definitely worth the trip.

Well, the Canadian Tourism Commission challenged Canadians to capture our country on film - pick up a camera and share their best travel experiences.

The video at the top of the page is the result. It's pretty awesome.

The Tourism Commission received more than 8,000 entries and 65 hours of footage. From that, it selected 82 winners and put together inspiring clips from across Canada.

Over the next few months, the video will be aired internationally, to promote Canada to the world.

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Thanks for the mini-trip to Canada, Patricia. That was fun!

Patricia I would love to visit! It would be so nice to get to meet you!
Thanks for the video!


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