This photo essay shows the remarkable benefits of replacing a secular government with a religious one. The fate of Egypt is quite an endorsement for the superior morality of religious rule.

I was a bit surprised by the extent to which the temporary bride economy has expanded, considering the way the death penalty for accusations of prostitution is such a core moral value. The blatant hypocrisy took me aback.

The Muslim Brotherhood Has Turned Cairo Into A Dystopia

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Damn.  Gives one to wonder what's going on in Libya and Tunisia.

Ruth, thank you for this photo album of Egypt after the revolt. There were several young men on Facebook, while the revolt happened, that wrote with such pride and high expectations of how much better life would be after Mubarak. This breakdown of social structures and society tells another tragic tale of revolution without a leader and institutions that can move people forward. Successful and healthy revolutions do occur, Jared Diamond writes powerfully of Collapse; we need a book and strategy of Renewal. 

So sorry for the people who are suffering. And too bad they can't see that Islamism is just not the way to go. But they don't have the education to know any better. Poverty and crime only beget more of the same. :-(




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