US House rejects legislation to protect your Facebook password from employers

House rejects legislation that would protect your Facebook password...

"A majority of representatives voted to allow your employer to pry and spy on you and your friends"

The House voted 184 to 236 today against a new FCC restriction that would keep interviewers from demanding your passwords.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO)... [said] "no American should have to provide their confidential personal passwords as a condition of employment. Employers essentially can act as imposters and assume the identity of an employee and continually access, monitor and even manipulate an employee's personal social activities and opinions...."

Meanwhile, you could already be fired for refusing to hand over your Facebook passwork to your boss. Grade school teacher’s aide fired for refusing to hand over Faceboo...

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Another good reason not to have Facebook. I use the Nexus as my Facebook. It's safer here to share your pictures and social activities and such.

How about this:

They want my passwords?  Fair enough - I want root password access to their servers!  Oh, and when they CHANGE passwords (as Sarbanes-Oxley requires them to, every 90 days, I think), I want to be notified of the new password!

Oh, but they can't do that because it compromises corporate security?  Sauce for the goose is NOT a horse of a different color, people.  This is called quid pro quo.

"No problem. Here is the password to my fake fb page designed to suit my employers needs, I have changed my name on the one I post naughty stuff on. We can always get around these things and encourage us to live a life of lies."

Facebook will boom with all the extra pages made up just for this stupidity and violation of privacy.

It's usually a violation of the users agreement to give your password to anyone. That should be enough protection. The House is like a bunch of misbehaved spoiled school children. No wonder the U.S. is in the shitter.




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