The conflict in values is really very simple:
Some people believe that all Earth is precious and needs to be lived within its limitations. 

Others believe Earth and all life forms exist as resources to be exploited. For those who can make their own way, Earth is a wealthy place; for those who cannot be self-sustaining, they are on their own.

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Melina, you are far kinder than I; I want them to provide evidence other than third person narratives and their faux miracles. Imagine! a woman claiming she wore her shoes for years and it was a miracle! She needs to be put on a witness stand and take an oath with her hand on her bible. She is fraud, pure and simple. I feel only disgust. 

Oh Melinda, I know. You are as concerned as anyone I know. I just want you to know I respect your response and it is kind and loving. I just don't share it. Your way is far more decent than mine. My sincere hope is that I don't turn you away from me because of my militancy. My life experiences has required me to be tough and even though I respond differently, I profoundly want all great-grandmothers to have decent shelter, nourishing food, potable water and surrounded by people they love and who love them. And no one has to suffer under the boot of domineering religion. 

I know you share those deeply held emotions. 

Riane Eisler captures this distinction well as the difference between Partnership and Dominator Culture.




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