The above is the kind of headline which would likely send the Orange Nightmare into a royal hissy-fit ... but then, in addition to all the line-items outlined in the following video, viruses don't read, either!  Yes, I'm afraid that, once again, Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian, finds it necessary to lay out the facts of the matter for Dolt 45 and anyone else who thinks that prayer, Bakker's "Silver Solution," or any other snake-oil remedy will render the Coronavirus impotent.

Her message this time is short and to the point, so I will leave it in her capable, gloved hands:

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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And Canadian to boot!

Can virus genes be edited to seek the Dolt and his vice-dolt?

That, sir, is a dangerous and disturbing question ... because if they can be so uniquely targeted, ANYONE CAN.

Indeed! As much as I sometimes fantasize about an attenuated strain that leaves only Republicans bedridden and unable to engage in politics or legislating or what passes for "presidenting"... (Acting President Nancy Pelosi would be a wonderful opportunity!)





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