Nice ad.  Tragic that it has to exist, but still.

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"Tragic that it has to exist, but still."

The Teabagger Taliban want to dial back culture to the '50s, what's really disturbing is that they can get women to vote for them at all.

"Nice ad."

I posted the "extended version" here on my "GOP War on Women" thread in the politics forum.

Thanks, Richard.  I enjoyed it.

Ridiculous.  Insane.  Beyond the pale ... Despicable.  Heinous.

Those were a few of the words going through my mind as I watched the video ... though there's one more which says it all:


Right you said it Loren ..Misogynistic!

The woman who reads Rush Limbaugh's quote is my favorite.  I'm sure they all practiced the phrases over and over, but if you watch her lips when she speaks, you can see how she is still disgusted by the fact that anyone would say such a thing.  Thanks for sharing!

Yes, I love that part. 

It didn't affect me until the rape comment. Ouch. 




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