Water! Access to fresh water declines as populations grow, temperatures rise, immigration increases!

What are their options? The aquifer that provided a necessary element for successful crops for the past 100 years is predicted to dry up in 20 years. Four generations of farmers in one family may probably not be able to last for the fifth generation. 

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Food Abundance International

It is possible to reclaim worn out soils and moisture with simple techniques learned from those who learned how to give back to the fertility using natural means. Healthy soils lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improve crop yields. They can refresh aquifers and reduce flood conditions. The air and water quality can improve. 

Human action can restore water, soil, and air quality.

Joan, the FAI line sounds much like the stuff Catholicism has sent out that opposes birth control. Do you have evidence it is not a Catholic thing?

Glancing at their website, they offer big promises, with information available to paying members only. Just like certain cults. I'm suspicious, and don't have the patience to look further.

My evidence is not my own experience, however, soil restoration projects take place around the world. 

How Do You Restore Degraded Soil? Arit Efretuei October 13, 2016

In Mali and Mauritania, presents a good example of a soil remediation project restoration of soils contaminated with pesticides, Restoration of these soils used composting and no-till techniques, green manure, cover crops, crop rotation, and organic compost. This project was run by a collaboration between the FAO* Pesticide Management Programme, the Wageningen University and Research Centre and the National Institutions of the countries involved.

Arit Efretuei October 13, 2016

Depleted soils in Madagascar caused by the loss of topsoil, erosion, and farming techniques. The research team documented the changes in the quality and productivity of their farms. With climate change, new techniques, principles, and practices need to occur. 

"Since climate change is happening in Madagascar, can be documented with contemporary data within a decade (such as between the mid 1980s and the mid 1990s: Raxworthy et al. 2008), and is expected to result in pronounced changes until 2050 (Direction Générale de la Météorologie 2009), there is an urgent need for a comprehensive analysis for future land management. From the perspective of biodiversity conservation, the only solution to properly address the problem of lack of connectivity seems to be to restore natural habitats between protected areas PAGE 81 assuming that the protected areas will be protected for some time to come (Holloway 2003).

~ Holloway, L. (2004). Ecosystem Restoration and Rehabilitation in Madagascar. Ecological Restoration, 22(2), 113-119. Retrieved from

http://www.jstor.org/stable/43440529 or


"T]he entire ecology of New Mexico has been abused and degraded for hundreds of years, and on arguably a larger scale than most US states, leaving it vulnerable to the weather shocks of climate change and drought. These days, many worry about the so-called mega drought, which seems always on the horizon. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the environment of the southwest United States and New Mexico was systematically raped and pillaged, but the abuse began in many respects before the mining or deforestation that occurred later. It began with the importation of European cattle and sheep in the 16th century and 17th century under Spanish colonial rule."

In Saudi Arabia, as Neal Spackman, a permaculture pioneer stated, 'many areas in the world are threatened by desertification, and that’s a process that, once started, doesn’t stop without human intervention.' 'Neal’s project focuses on training Bedouins to harness the local water resources, which come in the form of torrential flash floods. As Neal says “permaculture is the design framework guiding these efforts, but the tools are suited to each cultural and climactical context.'  'Seeing the bleakness of the landscape in the Middle East, and realizing the history of how it became so, was a humbling experience. As Southwest climate expert William Debuys told me, 'Permaculture is not a panacea for our land stewardship problems: the scale at which permaculture (or any set of treatments) can operate is limited — and the needs of the land for rehabilitation know no bounds.'”

~ Permaculture in Damaged Lands: Degradation and Restoration in New Mexico
Dan Smith January 21, 2012

I think the changing weather patterns redistribute the water. I have a free flowing 2.5 inch well that gushes water with no pump. Last year it was at a record 28 gallons a minute. I only grow organic lettuce so caterpillar hunting is my big issue, interesting vid. 

Oh! to have such a water supply! Is the flow consistent? Do you know the source of the aquifer? Is the water hard, filled with wonderful minerals? 

Laura had our well water tested and we have quite an arrangement of filters to get the bad stuff out. I forget what was the bad stuff. 




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