What? Today Hang With Friends has dropped to the bottom of page 5 in Groups-most active. Notice that Atheist Community of Tulsa, with 2 members and latest Activity Aug 21st, 2011 is listed as more active than us.

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O.K. so I'll start something.

And now Hang With Friends is at the top of the "most active groups" list, while Atheist Community of Tulsa is still on page 5. While "most active" should take some sort of history into account, as opposed to "latest activity", I don't understand why it should be so volatile, unless there is/was a bug somewhere. <shrug>

(And I'm not feeling motivated enough to play with The Sandbox or create test groups to experiment with how exactly the "activity" measure works....)

Friends get's low marks maybe (?) due to it being a 'nice safe place' of which atheists are not normally so reserved.

Many atheists 'come out' because they are sick and damn tired of being put in the corner. I've got to go to that Tulsa Forum to see if they also discuss boring subjects that do not involve religion. With only 2 members - I bet that's not the case.

Atheists forming 'as a community' is like herding cats. The only primary thing we have in common is our non-belief. Sure, we maybe will find a 'friend' that also likes basketweaving - but that's not the norm.

"Atheists forming 'as a community' is like herding cats. The only primary thing we have in common is our non-belief."

Exactly! Other than a lot of the guys are bald. Can we count that?

Steven, I'm not understanding the reason for your unprovoked and hostile, snide remarks toward this group.  You seem to imply that the sole purpose of AtheistNexus is for every single group to be a clearinghouse for atheist rage and activism.  There are plenty of groups on here for that purpose and I'm glad I'm a member of some of them, but I'm not in raging activist mode 24/7.  You're right, I too am sick and tired of being put in a corner by the madness of religion in this world, but this particular group, Hang With Friends, this "nice safe place" is a corner that we've voluntarily created for ourselves, and I for one find it a refreshing and temporary respite from the loads of shit we atheists have to deal with every day.  Sure, our atheism is the primary thing we all have in common, but I'm insulted that you think we don't or shouldn't have much more to offer and discuss with each other.  There are almost 700 members of this group and we've all voluntarily joined after reading, I assume, what Ruth has written in detail on the homepage following "Come on in, pull up a chair!"  Ruth has clearly stated the intended purpose for forming this group.  I'm sorry you find us 'boring.'    --Carl

Dear Mr. Flying Atheist (Carl): You don't understand factual information. You know nothing of 'unprovoked' nor 'snide' either because you participate so little in all the threads.

The very fact is most threads receive little attention from 600+ atheists. One particular fellow even listed several reent threads and most had 2 to 5 total responses. That's pathetic. That's factual. He was upset about that and rightly so perhaps. YOU can change all that Carl - just begin your multiple responses on all those non-religious threads! You hae the power! Go for it!

It's not YOU Carl, nor the other atheists (us) that I find boring. The subjects that do not involve what we are here for (non-belief) are mostly boring - and the responses show this by total and complete lack of participation. Perhaps after your vitrol posting everyone will jump on the bandwagon and begin participating! Congratulations in advance! You can take all the credit for that success!

Religious topics seem to garner dozens and dozens of responses.

Looks to me like you're the outrageous - unprovoked and hostile atheist here. Maybe if you'd participate in all those low posting threads - (why not several times each) - it wouldn't appear they are unresponsive!

I'll be looking for your name to change the status of 'boring' to really really neat!

Look at the threads that get the most activity - good and bad - and they involve what we all have in common - non-belief and the hostile actions of theists.

Steven, thank you for your reply.  You're absolutely right.  I didn't realize how truly ignorant I am due to my inability to 'understand factual information.'  Boy, am I dumb!  I'm also grateful to you for pointing out that I 'participate so little in all the threads.'  Once again, my ignorance shows through.  I didn't realize there was a minimum quota for participation.  I also apologize to you for taking part in discussions and 'subjects that do not involve what we are here for (non-belief.)'  I had no idea these topics were so 'boring' to you.  I feel bad and I'm sorry your time has been wasted.  Because of you I'm beginning to entirely rethink who I am as a person.  Apparently I don't know myself as well as you know me.  Thank you for opening my eyes.  Now, when I look in the mirror and contemplate my actions I can finally begin to see my true self.....and it terrifies me!  All along I've been the 'outrageous' and 'hostile atheist' posting 'vitriol' comments.  Well, thanks to you I can now begin the long road of correcting my faults and attempting to become a better person.  Again, many thanks for your constructive criticism.  I'm beginning to feel better about myself already.  Wish me luck!   --Carl  

Carl, there's nothing wrong with you (although i know you know that).  our friend here has lost it.  went off the deep end.  i'm done with him, and i would recommend you do the same. 

Steve D Campagna won't be a problem here any more. *sigh* I was far too patient with him, and I apologize for not doing a better job of protecting all of you. Still learning the ropes as Moderator.

Ruth, no need to apologize.  Sometimes having patience allows situations to correct themselves, however once in a while that just doesn't happen.  The fact that you have the patience to provide that opportunity is admirable.  Thanks!  Carl  

Thanks for the validation. It's good to have perspective on the diversity available here at AN, and to find a niche for our group.




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