Are you a weather watcher?  Do you enjoy the weather channel?  Do you get into arguments over which websites provide the best weather information?  Have you ever secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to be a storm or tornado chaser? 


I have been a weather watcher for quite a few years.  I come from a long line of weather watchers who wish more of the news was dedicated to weather.  I have been made fun of for my weather obsession on more than one occasion by my dh.  Since moving back to Kansas (the tornado homeland), he's become more of a weather watcher than I am.  LOL!  I have never wanted to be a storm chaser or follow a tornado around.  I don't even want to see a tornado let alone chase after one.

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As Sail R's we are definitely weather watchers.  But we do most of it online through Passages and ClearPoint weather subscriptions.    Right now we are sitting in a harbor in Fiji waiting for the weather to clear or at least get consistent forecasts about the next 24-48 hours. We tend to put more faith in the local forecast than the computer models.

It's sunny out with some clouds, but the forecast has high wind and wave warnings with approaching rain.  Sometimes the forecast is right.  Sometimes it's wrong.  Since we are very conservative about putting ourselves in harm's way, I guess we will just wait a bit more.

I've HAD to become a weather-watcher recently, especially in the past couple weeks with all the activity going on in northeast Ohio.  As I type here, we have pea-sized hail going on west of here in Lorain County, and we're anticipating that system's arrival here in the next half hour or less.  I also note a considerable system currently over St. Louis, which will get here sometime tomorrow.

Cleveland isn't generally noted for harsh weather, though our winters can be fun, but when people start talking about anti-cyclonic motion, my ears perk up, for sure!

  My kids and I have been weather watchers for a bit now but when I became an over the road trucker, weather watching took on a whole new meaning. Not quite as important as it is to Roz and guys please be safe. Glad to hear you have a conservative out look on sailing into nature possibly at her worst!!

  As I type this a good chunk of the midwest is under severe storm warnings with radar showing hundreds of storm cells. Glad Im not hauling thru that at the moment.

We had pea sized hail a couple of days ago.  The sirens went off for an hour and a half, but fortunately for us, the tornado that ransacked Joplin hopped over us.  I have some limbs down, but not too much damage from the last round of tornados. I can't imagine having to watch the weather at sea. 

Let's just say that I love weather in all of its manifestations.  I generally look at weather on the T. V. only to determine if I need a sweater, a jacket, a coat.


I just LOVED the "Blizzard of '77" here in Buffalo, and I've long enjoyed severe thunderstorm, bitter cold, howling winds, etc. Of course, I enjoy a warm, sunny day like yesterday as well.




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