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There are some things parents tell their children, from the moment they are born. These things come down to us through eons of time, from before there were written words, and before there were numbers. They are things sheep herders taught their children, about who they were, their relationship to the spirit world, the things they could and could not do and the consequences if they did not obey. 

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I remember, and I can still shiver from disgust. Not in this video the special words for girls, as you undoubtedly remember yourself - that girls are ugly, stupid, unable to study or to take responsibility AND that they caused the Fall...  

I remember all too well! Your word, "shiver" works for me. 

I saw this video some time back on YouTube.  Seth Andrews, a.k.a. "The Thinking Atheist," has a talent for combining poignancy with hidden sarcasm, as evinced by the above.  I have no doubt but that more than a couple believers have taken offense with Seth's approach.

Of course, the truth may offend one who is invested in lies.  To them I say, "Don't like the heat?  The door out of the kitchen is THAT WAY. =====>

"evinced" is a good word! Let me think, "Chris and I evince a healthy recovery from gender limitations, even as we still shiver at the memories."

Don't think too much of these horrors, Joan, enjoy you day! I hope it's a good one!

« L’avenir d’un enfant est l’oeuvre de sa mère.  »

de Napoléon Bonaparte

"The future of a child is the work of his mother. " Is this a correct translation?

Yes Joan, that's right.

The video is about (I can't think of a better word) a christian mother talking to her child and guiding the child through life.

I think the message is that christianity is a distortion and children would be better off without it.

A good video.


I'm a big fan of Seth Andrews.  He's a very professional video producer, a great speaker, and I've been listening to his podcast (The Thinking Atheist) since the very beginning.  He's quite humble but has become an important voice at conferences and atheist gatherings.    




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