Here are a few  that I like:

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These are just some of the bumpers stickers I really like .. I can post more later.

I've never been into bumper stickers, but a lot of those would go well on T shirts and bags, too. I really like the Why Be Normal? one. And I'd also like one that said Terminally Unique or Congenitally Weird. But that's my sense of humor. I got in trouble for wearing interesting T shirts when I taught high school -- that wasn't "professional" dress. But the kids needed something interesting to look at and think about. Oh well.

Natalie I really like the "Why Be Normal?" one too .. I definitely don't follow the norm. I am non-mainstream.

You sound like a really cool teacher.

I still rather like this one, myself:

Cool one!

Not political, or religious vs. anti-religious. But, I've always liked it.


Couldn't resist this one - a rebuttal to the "Coexist" bumper sticker:

Yeah I figured some people wouldn't like that one. That's ok.

Sorry I didn't see you'd already posted this, Loren, when I replaced the bad links to images I thought I'd used to start the discussion. I liked this for the same reason. GMTA




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