When you're not working what do you like to do?

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reading everything i can get my hands on!
Aside from blogging and eating...mostly plucking ear hairs.
I sew, do crafts, read, garden, research the family genealogy and I am learning to tie dye.  I am embarrassed to admit I really enjoy cleaning my house and taking care of my yard.  I spend a lot more time taking care of the yard than gardening.

I'm in a R/C model flying club

*Someday* finishing training to get my pilot's license (I've solo'ed already)

Working at a local homeless shelter

Making videos for local cable access channel

Rummage sales


I heat my house with wood that I cut/split/haul/haul/haul, then haul.


Those are neat hobbies.  Now I know how my uncle used to split wood for his wood heater.  And here I thought all these years, he was using an axe! LOL

Well, there's this website - Atheist Nexus - maybe you're heard of it?  [chuckle!]


Seriously, I'm a high-end stereo NUT (a.k.a. "audiophile"), my partner and I go to Cleveland Orchestra concerts six times a year, I collect CDs and DVDs, and have been known to ride a bike now and then.

I used to live in Cleveland (Shaker Heights). We moved around 1964 when I was about four. My grandparents and cousins lived in Euclid. My mom was born and raised in Cleveland.
Yes Loren!  Can't forget the Nexus website.  I am on here all the time.  If I'm away from a desktop computer I use my iPhone and iPad to keep up to date on the Nexus. : )
I go to the gym, enjoy sci-fi, and play with Photoshop. Since I discovered communicating with animated gifs at Atheist Nexus, I'm spending so much time playing with gifs that I'm neglecting my science magazines. I try to write once in a while, but had no success publishing. Years ago I got a short story, Hyena Bride, into an online fantasy magazine, but it's no longer searchable. The magazine must have gone bust.

Sounds similar to me Ruth!  I go to the gym or go cycling or hiking.  I also love Sci-fi and I love to search the internet and I also love animated Gifs. 

I also subscribe to science and health magazines.  I am thinking of taking a Photoshop class in the Summer semester.  I would love to be able to make animated Gifs. 


Play guitar and make sure my 2 cats got it made.
Oh ya. And two cats are a hobby too. Old cat and new cat. Old cat doesn't like new cat, and new cat wants to play with old cat.


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