When you're not working what do you like to do?

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Thank you, Ian!  Mom, and Dad (my son), and my new granddaughter are all doing great.  Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes :) <3  Still getting used to the 'G' word!  lol
Thank you, Alysn!  I love holding her!  At 7 lb. 11 oz., she is 1 1/2 pounds lighter than her daddy when he was born and 3 pounds lighter than my older son!  Tiny compared to my boys as infants :)


1) Reading. Because, even when you work at a bookstore, there's no time for reading @ work. Just plenty of time to buy more books. ;) Sci-Fi/Fantasy, History, whatever catches my fancy.


2) Playing games on my DS. I'm not a video game person, but I got a DSi XL for my b-day last year, and it's fun to play games on. My current obsession is Dragon Quest IX. :D


3)Hanging out with Torpedo, my family's Shar-pei. What can I say? He's adorable, wrinkly, and loves attention. With the warmer weather we can spend more time outside in the backyard hunting squirrels. ;)


4)TV. I like the Science channel, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, etc. Just watched the season finale of Game of Thrones last night! Ack! Gotta finish book #2.


5) When I'm lucky enough (time, money, etc) I get to spend time with friends and/or my bf. I especially love it when we can all get together, go into downtown Annapolis, and have a good time! They don't call it a drinking town w/a sailing problem for no reason! ;)


I also enjoying listening to music (humorous music, heavy metal, and renaissance festival-type music) and doing absolutely nothing. :)

My wife and I travel the world riding roller coasters. I call myself the "coaster atheist" in my head.


Sounds like a lot of fun!



"I can stop playing Scrabble anytime I want."


Oh ya. I forgot one of my hobbies.

Splitting wood so I can heat my house time lapse.



Artsy-fartsy things like drawing, painting, and shodo (Japanese calligraphy. I'm a novice.)--------Uhm, karaoke, writing, watching Western tv series... Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Glee mostly.... I am a Star Trek fan-- do PBE style RP with one of my friends back stateside.... Hm. I sew and crochet, too. Never did learn knitting, darn it. I used to do more graphics and also jewelry making... One of these days, I want to get into mold-making so I can cast my own dolls... I have a friend who is into asian ball jointed dolls... I'm more interested in the creative processes than the fandom that goes into that.

I can relate to convoy the (musical) cat:

Well, I'm never really "working", since I retired from gainful employment in 2006. When my retirement was approaching, I started wondering how I would spend those "golden years". I started thinking about how much I had enjoyed playing guitar in a rock & roll band during my high school and college years. When I graduated college in 1966, I put the guitar down, and turned my attention to grad school, career, and family. My guitar got stolen a year or two later, but since I didn't have time to play, I chalked it up as a loss and moved on. Somehow I went all the way through my "productive" years without playing music at all! 40 years later, I began to feel nostalgic for the musician experience, so I bought a cheap guitar and amp, and started re-learning the songs I used to play back in the '60s. Before too long, I recruited other musicians through Craigslist and formed an instrumental surf-rock band. That band was marginally successful for about 4 years, and then it was disbanded due to lack of interest. I recently joined a newly forming oldies band that plays R&B, Motown, and other great music from the 1950s through '70s. In this band I'm both guitarist and webmaster. I just finished putting together the band's new website, which includes some audio and video from our first gig about a week ago.


I invite you to check us out out at Philly Rock & Soul. On the "Music" page there are five audio clips and a video medley. If you like what you hear, please leave a message in our guestbook, which is at the bottom of the "About Us" page.




Thanks Bergen! I like your website -- I'll leave a message in your guestbook.
Thanks, Steph!


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