When you're not working what do you like to do?

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I read a lot, I occasionally write (though I haven't in years, so trying NaNoWriMo this year is going to be interesting), I sing with a small ensemble (based out of a church, but we do secular stuff as often as sacred-- plus I love sacred music, it's pretty), I occasionally (less often than I write) draw/create arty things in photoshop (in fact I used to teach a class on it), and I game-- both table top and video. Currently I've got a BESM campaign that's on hold because it's midterm season and a couple of characters on MapleStory (a rather silly Korean MMO), but my real gaming addiction is on hold until I have a little more money-- when I can, I play WoW. (Draenei Priest, specced Disc/Holy, Disc for leveling--as I am only 83, yet--and Holy for heals. Still re-learning since Cata, haven't had much opportunity to play lately, but I used to raid.) Other than all that, my main hobby is learning-- I love learning new things, whether it's science or languages or magic tricks-- I'm dating a magician, and he has begun to teach me some things, which is awesome.
You're welcome to dress up your Hang With Friends posts with your arty photoshop stuff. Or just put a bunch in your profile photos and give us a link. Images convey feelings so much more powerfully than black and white text.

Diana -- I used to play WOW all the time!  I had a Paladin and a Warrior as my mains. I used to raid too. I used to play until 2AM -- I was hooked.  I eventually had to stop playing as I was spending too much time in the game.  Maybe I'll go back to playing someday.

I want to learn to do animated GIFs in Photoshop -- soon I hope. : )





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