Is there a certain "tradition" of sorts that you do as an Atheist?

Anyone traveling?

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Wonderful Booklover - thanks!

I'm going to have mom over for turkey day.

I ordered all the food (because I don't have time to cook it all).

Turkey, ham, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, and all that good stuff.

Then might go and see a movie - like James Bond.

You know, a movie sounds like a good idea that weekend. Maybe Lincoln.

Not sure about what my brother and I will be doing this year. We may go to our sister's new apartment on the Illinois side of St. Louis for Thanksgiving with the rest of the family (including, I think, our dad), but that's not set in stone (or even wet cement) yet. If not, we may wind up going to one of the casino buffets or a nearby cafeteria for Thanksgiving dinner. My brother has to work at 8.45 Thanksgiving night at Target, however - they're opening at 9 pm (yeah, playing Walmart's game).

Sounds cool Brent!

Thanks Steph! =)  And to update: We ARE going to the new place in Illinois; time to be determined, but I'm sure it'll be early to mid-afternoon. Not sure if dad will be there; he's still in the nursing home, but I think they may spring him from there for the afternoon.

My plans.

Resting is a good plan Ruth!

I like the looks of that plan.

You actually cook such fancy dishes? I'm too lazy for all of that kitchen work.

But I get your strategy. I'm low salt and low carb, so I often have to take my own food to events.

You must be a good cook Kalliope! Those dishes look interesting. How do they taste?

We do Thanksgiving for the foreign teachers in our program. Not everyone's from the US, so it's a chance to share the meal with our Japanese and other foreign friends. Turkey's a rare bird on the menu here, unless you're getting a leg from Disneyland or USJ (United Studios Japan) and gravy isn't typical either. It's catered through a restaurant that has done this meal for groups of teachers in this program over many years, now. It's a bit expensive, but it's a good way to lift our spirits and fight off homesickness, as well as share our culture and appreciate the friendships we've made here in Japan. :)




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