I'm a subscriber to the Atheist Revolution blog and I was emailed this post.  I thought it was interesting so I put it up here as a discussion.

What can atheists learn from Occupy Wall Street

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I think he has a good point, especially in the last paragraph.

That's a great article -- I like what he has to say. Thanks for the post.


Potential Lessons for the Atheist Movement

Perhaps we atheists have been too quick to reduce our goals to a manageable number than inevitable alienates some. Seeing what OWS is doing has certainly made me question my own process. I wonder what ideas I have discarded prematurely because they were unpopular or I lacked the imagination to see how they might work.

And maybe we have been too quick to segment our own movement. I like how we've rolled out the atheist banner in an attempt to instill a sense of shared identity and to normalize the experience of those struggling to find their place. At the same time, we may have been too quick to dismiss agnostics, freethinkers, and others who are not interested in the atheist label.

Many of us - this is absolutely true of me - are thinkers rather than doers. We pour over ideas, craft arguments, brainstorm, and even conspire. We are far less likely to take to the streets and express ourselves. We complain about megachurches, but when was the last time we picketed one? We are fairly good at defending our own when they need us, but we are reluctant to risk ourselves.

It is not my intention to suggest that what we have been doing hasn't had value. I merely suggest that OWS might have something to teach us if we are willing to learn.

As a Secular Humanist, I don't feel that Athiesit Nexus is "...quick to dismiss agnostics, freethinkers, and others who are not interested in the atheist label." I also don't see a hierarchical structure here, although Brother Richard is in charge and a few people have volunteered to take responsibilities. It seems very democratic to me. I also don't see a lot of agreement on goals or even interests. People go off in all directions when they create groups. It's more like a buffet, plenty of diversity.
Hi Chris. I think the OWs that are active and the Atheists that are active have at least the activity of living for their convictions in common. The thing which we all should probably be resisting is the way corporations posit themselves as persons legally. They have (due to the vast sums of money they throw at the political process) syphoned off our political representatives completely from many issues. They also fund the kind of research that keeps toxins in our air food and water. The government itself has also been in on this since the Manhattan project but because of national security we still don't know exactly what their research into the toxicology of fluoride yeilded. They set us on the path to ingest the stuff 50 years ago and many of us are still sucking in the hazmats. If people don't take responsibility for the stuardship of their own health and that of their children is their any reason to think their other collective activities are rationally motivated? We can start our own process with the noncommercial studies on the dumming down we have been facing here.
Hey Clarence, I think that atheist activists and Occupy Wall Street activists do have a lot in common.  We both fight uphill battles that are run not by corporations, but by the actual American people.  I think at the very least we can agree on that.  But my point in posting this discussion is that the blogger who wrote this article to which there is a link to above does make a lot of sense.

A short video on Occupy. I like it. Occupy TV Ads? The Branding of Occupy Wall Street

I like it! Thanks for the post!




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