I discovered a brilliant new way to avoid  having xians ring my doorbell in attempt to share the good news with me.  Just now, I was in my kitchen, washing dishes and finding something to eat, when I looked out the large window above my sink.  Two men were approaching with bibles in hand.  Then, I realized they saw me.  We made eye contact and I gave them a big smile.  They stopped dead in their tracks and looked down, then slowly turned and walked away.  I can only assume this is because I was not wearing a shirt, or a bra.  Perhaps from this point on I will be answering the door shirtless.  Should give the mormon boys something to talk about.


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A most excellent practice!  BRAVA!
Bravo for "Brava"!!!
Absolutely priceless, Dr. Kelly.  LOVED it.  Thanks for the idea!
I can't believe I didn't think of it years ago!
Then they can knock themselves out.
Brilliant. Where do you live? I have a bible I use mainly to embarrass Xians.
Just curious; how do you use a bible to embarrass Xians?

My favorite is telling Xians to pray in their closets, doors closed, in Matthew 6, 6.

Then "Judge not,...." in Matthew 7,1.

The dedicated cherry pickers ignore me but I reach a few.


I live about a mile away from Texas A&M, in College Station.


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