I discovered a brilliant new way to avoid  having xians ring my doorbell in attempt to share the good news with me.  Just now, I was in my kitchen, washing dishes and finding something to eat, when I looked out the large window above my sink.  Two men were approaching with bibles in hand.  Then, I realized they saw me.  We made eye contact and I gave them a big smile.  They stopped dead in their tracks and looked down, then slowly turned and walked away.  I can only assume this is because I was not wearing a shirt, or a bra.  Perhaps from this point on I will be answering the door shirtless.  Should give the mormon boys something to talk about.


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Oh dear, a 78 year old woman without shirt or bra would scare them to death. I hate picking up dead bodies. My compost is already overflowing. 

Think of it as improving the gene pool... the missionaries would get a Darwin Award, and the next generation would be far less likely to peddle religion door-to-door!

Man looks at the pamphlet given to him by two young men dressed like Mormon missionaries, in short-sleeve dress shirts and ties: "This pamphlet is blank." "We're atheists."

This method of expulsion of unwanted xians will take some NERVE.  If you see them coming to your door, make a detour through the kitchen getting the BIGGEST KNIFE you can find; put on a slight, mysterious smile, with fixed eyes, and answer the door.  Step back and swing the door open and indicate for them to enter --- keep smiling, BUT DO NOT SAY ONE WORD. Simply hold the knife where they can see it, but not in a menacing way.  If they come in, which I doubt, indicate for them to sit and you sit near them; and just slowly look them up and down, and continue to SMILE;  remember, DO NOT SAY ONE WORD.  After a very short period of time, they will very nervously leave.  Silence spooks them out completely!

I love it. I almost wish they still came by so I could try it out. (They stopped coming here after three times of explaining why I think most of the major problems in the world are caused by belief in religions.)

From what little I've read about JWs; they have some misogynistic outlooks in their teachings; and I also think they practice a rather strong rule concerning ostracism  within their "group". 




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