This is what they were good for a few weeks ago:


Last week, I saw god peddlers down the street from my house.  They were two women and they were handing out pamphlets.  I was gleeful when I found that there was no flier on my door, as I assumed they hadn't already been by.  The iron was hot and I was ready to strike.  I made the necessary wardrobe changes, and when it was all over, I was clad only in Wranglers and steel-toed boots.   I was beside myself with anticipation over what would happen when I opened my front door.


Within 15 minutes, my doorbell was ringing the most beautiful ring it had ever rung.  I took a deep breath, and walked to the door and opened it.  An older woman clapped her hand over her eyes, and the other woman gasped audibly.  They both scurried away without a single word.  They didn't even leave a flier:)


Why are religious people so afraid of boobs?

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  • As a mother who breastfed two babies, I know exactly what you mean.  Good grief after millions of years of mammalian existence and people are now shocked at the sight of a harmless boob in a baby's mouth.  I have to say though, one of my biggest defenders was my nearly 90 year old granny in law.  When the in laws were being mean about my feeding my 4 month old baby in front of their delicate selves, she really laid into them.  They kept their mouths shut from then on.  I sure miss granny. 
Good point.  Perhaps a breastfeeding mother would not be quite as disturbing to them as a half naked dyke.  Too bad we can't do some research on this...
Too late for me.  My babies are already in school and I'm not having any more.  LOL!  I think a dyke exposing herself in a  family restaurant might be a bit more shocking than a breastfeeding mother whose baby has had enough of blankets over their head at dinner time.  Been there.  Done that.
In my research scenario, I envision a breastfeeding mother going to the door shirtless, while feeding a baby.  I suspect the women who came to my door would not be nearly as troubled by that.
I have not done that one.  I imagine you're right, but I don't see these gals coming in for tea either.
I know that was part of the shock value.  But really, it was a cute look as far as I'm concerned.  I have a nice tan, for fuck's sake.
I wonder if they tell the whole church the story and they all stay away.  It's theist repellent. : )
How about selling shades with your picture, which can be drawn to discourage proselytizers? If we could only make an automatic detector, analogous to a special motion sensor, to automatically draw it when they get within 50 feet.
Boobs get me everytime too.  Its like functional art, its pretty and useful.

LOL. You are a boob legend.  WTH is going on in your neighborhood?   Can you please wear this next time?




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