They're doing it again, this time lying about the government's telling churches that if they want to go into the health care business, they have to serve more than their own purposes; they have to serve the public.

Clearly, their prohibition on bearing false witness doesn't prohibit their lying.

Also clearly, a recent survey revealed that we non-believers know more about their religions than most believers know.

Bob Altemeyers' work titled The Authoritarians, available for the downloading, tells of their leaders' moral depravity.

We can go on and on telling each other of the dangers of their getting their way, and of our feelings about those dangers.

We won't stop their lying; what can we do to slow it down or reduce its danger?

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The first thing all atheists can do is: STOP playing the victim of Christians. Atheists - who really are completely victimized and always have been by Christians and all of Christianity, will often 'collaborate' with these Christian oppressors in some sort of vain hope of winning the oppressor's 'favor'.

Assuming the role of a victim never works with your oppressor.

"To 'apologize' in such a role betray's ourselves. Christians are wrong in their overwhelming oppression of all non-believers.

While we may be able in some instances to 'work with' these oppressors - usually it's simply a vain attempt and accomplishes nothing other than prolonging the deadly disease called 'religion'.

Religion is the malignant disease - and we are the cure.

Steven D Campagna

The first thing all atheists can do is: STOP playing the victim of Christians.

Steven, welcome my good friend!!

Great quote Steven!!!

Religion is the malignant disease - and we are the cure.

"The human race has suffered for centuries and is still suffering from the mental disorder known as religion, and atheism is the only physician that will be able to effect a permanent cure."

--Joseph Lewis

If there is a facility to do so, such as a blog or a news site where comments are invited, jump in and correct the lie.

My favourite lie, which I've corrected in several places is that "children can't pray in school" - and it's not only Rick Perry who came up with that one.

Of course anyone can pray anywhere, but what you can't do in school is force anyone else to join in, or make someone else stop what they're doing while you pray.

Ah, the "children can't pray in school" lie. Thanks for reminding me.

A local newspaper helped me challenge it and even gave my letter a "Christians Lie" title, which I liked a lot.

I wrote that school children can pray any time they like, even instead of taking tests. Teachers and other school employees may not lawfully tell them what to pray, when to pray, or make available any taxpayer-owned electronic equipment.

No letter appeared that contradicted mine.

"What can we do to slow it down?"

I've said this before and I still think it works: Call Them On It. Don't let their lies slide, especially lies they tell about US. It may be that religion as an institution is history's biggest employer of "The Big Lie" concept. Maybe, just maybe, if we don't let them get away with those lies, slowly but eventually, those who had been buying into them may at least begin to recognize that they've been played ... and begin refusing permission to the players ... and that religion is our modern-day equivalent of The Emperor's New Clothes.

Great quote Loren!!!!!

...religion as an institution is history's biggest employer of "The Big Lie" concept...

What do we expect, since religion is a lie, naturally the institution uses The Big Lie.

It seems that is all we ever do, 'call them on it'. But they always have the 'respect my religion' or some whacked out excuse that explains away the hypocrisy of the bible. Whilst they are in a realm of churches not paying taxes and pushing the 'war on religion' or pandering to the respect that we are supposed to have for something that simply doesn't exist and is nothing but an excuse for humans to feel better about themselves, we have to put up with their delusional crap.

Thankfully the republicans in the US are doing everything they can to make a mockery of religion in this latest debate, one can only hope that this is the start of them shooting themselves in the foot once and for all.

On Jon Stewart last night, he stated that the Catholic church bought in 63 billion from donations, all un-taxed. They are no different from Fannie Mae etc. in their activities: Wall Street Religion. And the hypocrisy needs to stop.

My simple, short answer to this question would be" because they do not know any truth and so only can speak untruth.

Thanks for the book reference. I downloaded it and will read it as time allows.

What drives xian leaders to lie?

Their mouth.




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