I have used a number of home remedies that actually worked.  I have tried homeopathic remedies for stuff like colds and had them not make a bit of difference.  What is the difference between the two? 


For example, I have used Listerine to cure athlete's foot.  Is this homeopathy or a home remedy?  It did actually get rid of the athlete's foot with no harmful side effects and I could use it while pregnant. 


I tried Japanese facial massage to get rid of wrinkles and it worked some.  I recently using straight olive oil for the same thing and got faster results.  Which is a home remedy and which is homeopathy?  I suppose the true "scientific" way to get rid of wrinkles would be expensive creams, botox or a trip to the dermatologist's office. 


I often use home remedies for simple things I don't want to pay big bucks to go to the doctor for.  Sometimes they work (normally they do for me, because I do a ton of research trying to find the least harmful and best working ones) and sometimes they don't. 


I wouldn't use a home remedy for something serious like a stroke, but I might for canker sores.  So what's the difference between a home remedy and homeopathy?  Because they seem a lot alike. 

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Yall have already discussed the homeopathy process and theory.  I would just like to throw in my 2 cents about whether Listerine is a home remedy or homeopathy.  It is neither, as it is an antiseptic developed for that express purpose.  Some of its antiseptic properties also make it an adequate anti-fungal.  I don't think the fact that it is over the counter and not prescribed by a doctor makes it a home remedy.  Now if you mixed up some roots and herbs and stuff, and that worked, that would be a home remedy:)

Something I heard years ago that I just remembered is if everything eventually ends up in the ocean, wouldn't sea water be the ultimate homeopathic medicine? I'm thinking I might have a product here.

My Dad thinks ocean water cures all skin stuff, he had a bad case of poison ivy as a child and swears the salt water cured it. I love the beach and when there I spend as much time as possible in the water, and any skin things, cuts, bug bites seem to heal faster. On another note, there is something so incredibly relaxing and I mean seriously amazing stress relieving relaxing about being in the ocean for me... I've always thought, well our bodies are mostly water, the planet is mostly water, and since primordially we came from the sea...kinda makes sense. 


As for home remedies, I always try them first as I have crappy insurance. I bombard myself with cranberry pills and juice when I sense a stupid UTI coming on. Sometimes works, but usually not. 

My Mom always had us put a damp teabag on any sore in our mouth, said a dentist years ago told her the tannin in the tea would take down the swelling and pain. It does work. 

Probiotics seem to help my daughter's ulcerative colitis some, but not enough to not need Rx meds too. 

Homeopathy is BS though.

"Put some Windex on it!" 

My dh says if you are in a situation where there is nothing else, salt water is good for cleaning wounds.  Something he learned in the Army. 


Years ago when I had my wisdom teeth removed, my dentist said the same thing.  My dh tried the teabag on an infected wisdom tooth and it got the infection and swelling down enough that he could have it removed. 


I bought a two part treatment for poison ivy/sumac in about 2000 that worked great.  Dh and I both got poison sumac pretty badly and this stuff cleared it right up.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen it on the shelves since.  Calamine lotion sure never worked for me.  I read if you run hot water over the rash and when you can stand the heat, turn it higher.  You do this for a few minutes and it will take away the itching.  Unfortunately, the effect only lasts an hour or two.  Supposedly, the hot water releases the histamine in the bumps. 

This was a great question.  From just the definition of homeopathy, it doesn't seem clear.  It's no wonder that it gets confused with home remedies.  Thank you for posting it. 




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