What Jesus, Horus And Many Other Gods Had In Common

Sitting in women's kitchens in 32 nations of the Earth, we discussed women's lives, educations, families, child rearing, health care, retirement planning, politics and religions, some obvious similarities occur and some important differences.

This film on the sun and seasons and their roles in forming cultural norms through time, on different continents, and in different latitudes impressed upon me the importance of stories and myths in cultural evolution.

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Lovely.  The Star of Bethlehem can be explained by logic and resort to scientific theory (i.e. fact) and all the other geophysical phenomena if up to current critical thinking.  The Cult embraces the Mithraic Mysteries that so befuddled that terrorist Constantine he outdid Saul Paul the terrorist in slitting throats, e.g. the Arian heretics, within the pre-Nicean bishops.  Mithrasmas as we all know was December 25th, which is or was known as Sol Invictus because, although the Sun seemed its weakest at this precise time of the year, and though the shortness of the day produces "seasonal affect syndrome," the Sun comes back strong as ever in the spring, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the likes of Bill O'Really.  Thank you, my friend.

Oh dear! exactly the opposite of how I perceived that film and the principles. Let me see if I can restate this to have it mean what I mean. 

If stars have patters, constellations have patters, there are seasons, and the sun rises and sets every day and the movement of the moon can be predicted, then the imagination of the human mind is capable of creating stories that fit those predictable events. It is not the elements or seasons that create the stories, it is the mind that fabricates ways to explain patterns.

If humans create stories and tie them to some kind of gods, that can't be the work of god they are the creation of human minds. 

Does that make any sense? Please participate with me in making a powerful statement out of these events.  

"Persecution and the bloodthirsty murder of those who actually look at and study the stars, rather than blindly accepting the dogma of those that want to impose their patterns on everyone else, is quite a different thing."

Am I reading you correctly, that the perceptions of ancients is that stars caused murder

Are we not saying the same thing? Ancients created myths tied to predictions of the sky and used the mythology to rationalize  their murderous behavioars. 


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