We have 532 folks together here. What would you like to share from your life right now?

Thanks to Daily Squee at Cheezburger.com for the cute ostriches.

I'm relieved that Bangkok wasn't totally inundated. :)

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The winter wobblies are often a very creative period for me in spite of the SAD adjustment period. I'm sure this hearkens back to my DNA legacy because I'm a transplanted Yankee whose ancestors came from the southern Mediterranean for at least 300 generations. I'm not puzzled by it nor unaccepting of it. This equanimity is part of the practical benefits that accrue to me from a solid understanding of evolutionary science.

Honestly, I've thought about getting a therapy light, but the cost is too much at this point :(


I am lucky that the rest of my family is atheist as well, so we don't celebrate Christmas for religious reasons.  As with most people, we get caught up in the decorating, shopping, wrapping, and baking.  I noticed that over the years, Christmas has really moved away from being a religious holiday.  I will definitely check out the HumanLight page and incorporate some of the suggestions into our holiday celebrations.  This will be especially nice, since I have my 4 month old granddaughter living with me!  I'm excited about breaking the cycle....she will be raised without religion!! :D 



Hey Ruth! That would make a good discussion topic. Alternative celebrations to Xmas.


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