Recently, I got a small silk floral arrangement for my dining room table.  Nothing big and ostentatious - just a small pitcher of fake flowers.  So the IBC neighbor kids come over to play and they go off on my flowers.  They're asking me why do I have flowers in my house.  What's up with the flowers. Etc. Etc.  I said "I think they're pretty.  They make me happy," which was apparently the wrong answer, because now these kids aren't allowed to play with mine and they are kept in church from dawn till dusk every single day.  I won't take the blame for that, obviously they're family is out there even for religious types. 


What is up with this religious flower hating?  I grew up in the Methodist tradition and we even had flowers in church.  Flowers were okay with every church I've been around.  What do fundamental baptists have against flowers?  I answered questions about this small floral arrangement for nearly an hour.  What is up with that? 

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I didn't watch the whole 20/20 video, but I watched enough. It just reinforces my feelings toward religion.I witnessed the same type of attitude growing up Methodist, but not nearly to that extent. Still, it was enough to get me very angry at my dad sometimes the way he treated my mother. He doesn't seem to be that way anymore. If he was, I would be hounding my mom relentlessly to leave him

Church and God is all they know. Atheist's are evil. Atheists have no morals. They're simply choosing a "better" church to go to. They're not blaming God, they're blaming the church.

One side of me sympathizes with them, and another side of me disrespects them for not taking the time, and having the patience to do the research to really understand what's going on in this universe. The later side has been winning out recently.

I was raised Southern Baptist.  We had nothing against flowers, but somehow thought "thou shalt not drink" was the 11th commandment. 

I don't know what the flower hating was about...

My mom (bible baptist) used to hide the booze, which was normally stashed way up on a shelf in the back of a closest anyway, every time her parents came to visit. I always thought that was weird, and didn't think she should have done it.

Oddly enough, my mom argued with other baptists about the wine in the bible.  She would have a hard time with them, because they didn't like the fact that she would work places that sold alcohol and still go to church on Sunday and not hide it.  She would point out to them that it didn't say not to drink in the bible, but that it said to not be drunken. 

Now that I look at it, some places in the bible, it doesn't even look like that was any more than just a common sense suggestion, however.  Oh, those crazy kids and their bible stories!!

I answered questions about this small floral arrangement for nearly an hour.

OK you totally lost me here. Why would anyone ask questions about a floral arrangement for over an hour? Why didn't you ask them why they were asking? That is very, very bizarre.
I often spend a lot of time answering questions for Christian kids.  their parents don't tell them anything about anything.  I end up answering questions about everything from why do fireflies have glowing bottoms to how are rocks made to why do you like flowers.  These Christians kids are told so little about the world around them, you spend most of your time answering their questions and only later end up thinking what was that about.


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