You have to love weird people doing weird things
In Muskegon, Michigan brightly painted inoperative bikes have been found chain locked throughout the town – no notes- no explanation just bikes



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Heh. The message seems to be eye candy. Wait..., a hypotheses: Can kelptomaniacs resist stealing such eye candy coated crap! ??
It's rather Tron®~esque … is it not?
I love shit like this.

If it's art for art's sake, then I have to ask:

WHO the F*** is Art?!?

It's too bad they didn't repair these bikes to sell or give away.  It looks like most of them just need chains.  This particular art statement doesn't make a lot of sense.  But that's the way of art.
Or maybe they thought something along the lines of "repair the bike, make one person happy - turn it into an art piece and instill happiness and curiosity in many people."  I for one think it makes perfect sense.  Certainly made me smile.
Yeah, and would we really have any art if we didn't use resources that could be used for charitable causes?  Right now, I'm scowling and thinking of the hideous bronze (very expensive) statue that is down the street from my house, and all the other gaudy crap that exists around town.
This is just another example of urban street art. I think it's great – it's free (but temporary) public art for which no one has to pay .
Thanks for sharing :)

It made me think of knitted "sweaters" for bike racks:

And on the left coast:

(read the article on Streetcolor's work in Berkeleyside)


And the corollaries:

Knitted Bike and Bike Rack : Photograph by Stu Rapley


(guerrilla-knitting-new-york by Hilary Best in spacingtoronto)

Those are really cool

I like guerrilla art.  The bicycles are great.  Some found objects and paint and viola! a bright spot.

I've seen the sweater art before and think it's great too.




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