The Eco2 Index monitors the extent of which countries damage their ecosystems in an effort to build up their economies.

Vancouver scientists unveil global rankings index measuring economy...

Rankings are at the bottom. The US is 103, pretty poor as far as I can see. Fraking away our groundwater might have something to do with that.

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I wonder how Albert's standing would be, given that all of the tar sands come from here?  Even though tar sands is a major part of oil fossil fuel production, it is, apparently, less environmentally damaging than coal (which we also mine, and burn for power.  In fact, there are 2 large coal power plants within 100 miles of where I live.), but we also have most of the oil and gas dilling in our province.  Right now, there is very little gas drilling, as the price is too low for the companies to bother drilling, so fracking doesn't seem to be much of a problem - for now!

Er, I just noticed that I misspelled Alberta. Must have had a brain fart!
The thing about Canada as a whole, we only have a population about the size of Mexico City, but the second largest country.  Our wealth still comes mainly from exploiting our natural resources.

Thanks for the article! Yeah the US is doing badly!

The rankings

The top 5 countries:

1. Bolivia
2. Angola
3. Namibia
4. Paraguay
5. Argentina

The worst countries:

1. Singapore
2. Kuwait
3. Israel
4. Korea
5. United Arab Emirates

The G8 countries:

1. Canada (15th)
2. Russia (31st)
3. France (77)
4. United States (103)
5. Germany (119)
6. United Kingdom (129)
7. Italy (135)
8. Japan (144)

Read it on Global News: Global News | Vancouver scientists unveil global index measuring economy and ecology

Canada is 15th -- not too bad!



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