Is there anyone else like me who found her just completely offensive?

I don't usually critcize dead people.  When she was alive I used to say, "All she is is a black Tammy Faye Bakker."


Houston tried to play it both ways.  On the one hand she was a successful figure in the entertainment industry.  On the otherhand, she wanted to present herself in a very conservative manner.  Its like she still had to prove something, make some sort of a claim to legitimacy.  Needed to present a conservative image, seeking approval, is not becomming.


She just went right up my spine.

Anybody see her the way I do?


Becoming Other

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Mostly, I didn't see her at all, and the less I saw her, the more I liked it.  I didn't care for her music or her movies (The Bodyguard?!?  SPARE ME!), and as for anything she may have had to say in public, never heard it and couldn't care less.

From where I sit, she wasn't worth noticing ... so mostly, I didn't.

I was never a consumer of her product, …not a pop culture person I s'pose.

"She was a great talent; maybe, the best voice in the last few decades."

Subjective, …I worked in the biz for three decades, …I wouldn't call her a "great talent" or "best voice". Her performance was always (to me, a 45 years musician, and a session player, studio musician, music teacher for many decades), marked by pretense and cliche, …great for pop culture, but compared to any of the greats, …mediocre.

I love me some Whitney.  Wish I could hear her yell, "Bobbaaayyyy!" right now.



I don't have an opinion of her either way, not my type of music though I do admit she had a lovely voice. I cannot think of Whitney without thinking of a clip on The Soup, when she yells at Bobby in her best crack laden ghetto voice: "Kiss my ass". It is hilarious.

However if you are a fan, you can now show you love by spending only $300 bucks:

Because when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter how many illegal drugs you take when your alive or what illegal drugs cause your death, if you are a great singer you will still get into heaven. Hypocrisy number 23,658 257.

See, that above picture gets to what has always bothered me.  There was in Houston a covert message of social conformity, and the Jesusolotry Movement is a big part of this.


I can't stand her.  And I agree that the movie "The Bodyguard" is horrible.



It made me laugh. It looks like he's breaking her neck. XD

Jesus loves you, Whitney! *crack*

/lulz on so many levels (still sad, but...)

Might you be able to elaborate further?  Your words might be able to convince some who aren't seeing it.


To me, its the conservative hair style, the conspicuous prosperity, on top of trying to present herself as a media icon.  Its how she tried to glamorize smoking, make it seem chic instead of an addiction.


I remember around the same time as the Body Guard, she made a music video with her husband.  It showed her riding around in a limosine.  She was showing off her high living.  Then there was a shot of she and the husband from behind.  Then they both turned center and faced front.  They were holding their new baby.  So she was tokenizing the baby too, along with all the expensive stuff she showed off.


Again, its the juxtaposition of all of this, playing everything both ways.  To me it is obvious that she has been deeply influenced by Pentecostalism.  Like I said before, a black Tammy Faye Bakker.


Perhaps Patrica you might be able to shed some further light on this.


Again, I don't normally attack dead people.  I did attack this one plenty when she was alive.  I'd just forgotten about her in the years since.




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