Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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From what you said, it sounds to me as if there might be just as many women atheists as men atheists, but the women tend to keep their non-belief to themselves.

I could see that, if it has to do with how comfortable men vs. women are at offending people, maybe.

I can vouch for that. I am, admittedly, not so open about my non-belief as I was with my alternative belief while pagan. I'd once heard my mom say that she was thankful I was at least not an atheist. This was prior to me losing the vestiges of woo-woo spirituality as religion, but even then, it ticked something off in my head. I was reading freethinker sites and had no problems with the atheist community.

I don't know if it is part of my gender, but truthfully, there are some of us who are willing to bite our tongues for the sake of our circles or support networks. That doesn't mean the line doesn't exist. Sorry for the double negative there...

I don't want to see it come down to choosing between my family and my philosophy. And I think I'm not alone in that. I can't say I honestly know where the chips might fall.

I know where the chips will fall. Jesus belief is overwhelming. I started at age 8 asking questions and was told, "The Thinking Has Been Done'...STOP asking questions as all the questions have already been asked. Your 'church' leaders will dissemninate all the answers at the proper time. I could not accept that and continued my heritic ways of challenging the stupidity of Jesus belief - Genesis mistakes - etc. and since I refused to live the complete and utter LIE that was attempted to be fostered upon me -for the sake of my family/community - I basically told them all to frickin go away. Live a lie or live in peace (without Jesus) -Hell-God-immorality being tossed at you like a friggin firecracker.


For myself, it was not worth living a complete fabricated lie to 'get along'. I just don't happen to like any of 'them' enough to do that to myself. Some did 'get it' though and we're fine...some did not - and they have gone their way. Good for them...and good for me.

Gwaithmir, my experience has been that as I answer questions about atheism, and as family and friends hear my opinion and hit me over the head with stupid platitudes, for example, "You just want to control men!"  Who said anything about controlling men? I respond. 

Later, privately, women contact me and ask serious questions or make statements about being an atheist but afraid to reveal their thinking, or explore their options.  

The internet makes a tremendous difference for women.  We can read what other women have to say and don't feel so isolated.  Also, we hear men acknowledging sexism and the price men and women pay for such thinking.  Many atheist men also acknowledge atheist women as being good teachers for men.  In any event, I feel encouraged by changes taking place in my home, family and community.  

Breaking out of domestic violence, which was a desperate survival strategy, made it easier for me to break out of "mindbinding", a concept I realized when talking to a old Chinese lady in China whose feet were bound when she was about 3 or 4 years old.  She screamed, "They bound my feet, deliberately crippling me, and the real crime was binding my mind.  Thus, my "Footbinding/Mindbinding story.  

I tend to agree with Gwaithmir -- men are more outspoken about their Atheism (that I have seen).

I suggest you join the Freedom From Religion Foundation - and then sign up for their private on-line Forum. There you will see outspoken women atheists speaking out daily equally alongside the men. Their perspective is outstanding and continues to drive that forum forward.

I am already a member!

So am I.

Gwaithmir, my experience has been that women express fear more than men when the subject of no god occurs.  Women defend belief in god as protector and guide; men often defend god because of hierarchy ... some tend to use the notion that male is superior to female, that god ordained it and "he" created women to be submissive.

I'm curious, what have others experienced?  

My question is: Are there actually fewer female atheists than men? Is this true? Do we have stats that demonstrate this? And is it true internationally?

What's the source of this claim?

"Are they too busy in their domestic affairs"

I notice you didn't say "Are they too busy in their careers or daily lives"...

MK, you're funny - you're always full of such inadvertent reactionary statements! lol

You're always sure to offend someone!

I'm sure you don't mean to.




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