Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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Sounds like you have at least one clear mentoring mission cut out for your life. Lucky you.

The 'present generation of women' - you must be speaking about Western society - because there are hundreds of millions of women that would not understand what you say regarding 'freedom'. Perhaps we should address these women's plight such as:

1. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all promote and practice genital mutilation in the name of God. What possibly os 'moral' about the mutilation of the genitals of children in the name of God? The genital mutilation community is 100% theocratic. Genital mutilation is another Christian/Jewish/Muslim Family Value for us to think about.

2. In Iran, you are not allowed to execute a female virgin. It matters not what crime she may have committed. She might have been a member of an 'opposition' group; she might have blasphemed in some way; she might have uncovered her hair in public; who knows what horrific crime a little female virgin commits?

But, you're not allowed, even if the death penalty applies, to put her to death if she's a virgin. (To find out if she is a virgin - do you have an imagination? Strip her down, throw her to the ground, spread her legs - inspection time)...yes - lovely and real time life is painful isn't it? Oh, what do do next? So let's imprison her - and now she can be gang raped by those elite Revolutionary Guards. Now, she can be executed. How wonderful.

Women all over the world are still under the yoke of religion. We should not forget this.

3. Of course we should not forget the most recent atrocity in Afghanistan about the woman that received a 12-year prison sentence for being raped by a relative. The judge originally offered her 'freedom' if she would agree to marry her attacker/rapist. She refused...but later decided to be raped and abused by one man was better than being raped and abused by many prison guards - all the time. So - she' free' because she agreed to marry her attacker/rapist. My GAWD - women have such a long way to go don't they to enjoy 'freedom'?

The Nerd, that is exactly what the strategy was.

Joking:  Are you a woman writing under a man's name?

Seriously:  I very much appreciate the rare cases, when a man expresses the outrage, that usually only women feel about what men do to women.   Thank you.

I'm 100% male and was indoctrinated by men believing they were superior to women and by women that mostly went along with this thinking. I was a 'skeptic' from age 8 years old - getting into much trouble with those 'adults' for asking way to many uncomfortable questions. The more I read about gawd-belief the more outraged I became. Even in our modern age - in Western society - women struggle more than they realize. Example:

It wasn't until 1984 that females were 'permitted' to run the Olympic marathon. Permitted by the Olympic Committee - which was made up of 100% men. No one ever 'allowed' men to participate in that event - we took it - and we take it by divine right...and no one dare's tell us we cannot do it - because there will be violence. Even today - there are still events that women cannot participate in and it was just approved that women will be able to participate in the 'ski jumping' events in the next winter olympics. Women still have a long ways to go don't they?

If those wives of Congress would cut those asswipe husbands completely off - (they'd rather give up food than sex) - maybe we'd actually have a country that could say it's once again running properly.

Yeah - and what do you think are the chances we could get all the women to cut these men off totally and completely until they actually do their jobs and get the country moving again?

Oh Yes!  remember Aristophanes' opera from high school, Lysistrata,  an Athenian woman, organized the women of Athens and Sparta  to scheme a way to end the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta by refusing to have sex with their husbands until the men ended warring and signed a peace treaty.  Old women took over the Acropolis, where the state’s money reserves to pay for the war was stored. The sex strike takes effect on men from both sides; with full erections the warring men negotiate peace. Is that what is called "soft power"? No, that doesn't fit.  "Hard power?"  Whatever it takes to stop warring.   

Steven, you really do "see" the challenges women face and I appreciate that.  Having a clear picture of the problems, we can work to make life better for men, women and their children, not only in this country, but wherever there is life.  The good news ... you and legions of others understand how and why life is particularly difficult for women and that education is a way out.  We need each other;  men can't do it alone, nor can women; we need each other. 

When the forum threads were going strong on FaceBook - I spoke with a lot of Christian women. How very frustrating that they would so easily take a back seat because of the way Christianity is set up. It was awful to see how little these women had advanced.

When the conversation would go to men having all the power - these women agreed it should be that way because GOD was a man.....and it's just so sad.

Steven, Oh NO! Not that old bromide again, penis over vagina!  If the purpose of living things is to reproduce, as biologists claim, then what good is one without the other?

Penis envy dates back a very long time. The Sumerians were a Fertility civilization (called a cult by scientists). The morning 'dew' was 'god's semen' - and anything that even resembled the tinest bit a 'penis' was held in esteem. Some of their writings that provide descriptions of penis, semen, vagina, darkness, wamth etc. are quite graphic and normal in those civilizations.

The AGAPE festival origins began with these fertility cults. The High Priest writings (dating 3500 BCE to 3200 BCE) state how he would collect 'virgin blood' - and it was a high honor for these girls to be chosen for this task - and the blood was used in the festival once each year - mixed with herbs/spices and eaten as it provided more power and godlyness. The blood of virgins is the most powerful it is written...and the firstborn 'son' was always honored well above the rest. This is where 1500 or so years later in the Old Testament where it speaks of 'firstborns' they are so honored and receive special treatments. It came from these even older civilizations. Don't know how this has anything to do with the subject at hand...but I provide this info just for the curious minded.

Steven, I am replying to your most recent comment because there is no Reply button on your comment.  I hope this doesn't confuse everyone. What is the protocol when there is no Reply button?

I don't perceive penis envy as being the problem.  Oh yes, I and countless other women have been accused of penis envy when we go to our physicians suffering from depression or anxiety. According to depression research by Seligman and others, the best way to produce depression and anxiety in lab animals and human beings is to take away the ability to predict and control events in their lives.  

I perceive the underlying cause of this situation as womb envy: women bleed and do not die; women give birth to the next generation thus holding the key to dynasty building; women suckle giving food for growing babies but historically also feeding husbands during periods of famine. Men constantly confront a more powerful gender doing things they cannot do and if they are to control their lineage they have to control their women.  

I was not aware of the AGAPE festival you describe: virgin women's blood mixed with herbs and spices and eaten providing  more power and godliness!?  JEEZE  I kind of want to gag.  

I enjoy and appreciate the diversion, an interesting side trip, indeed. 




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