Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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Joan Denoo,

"Husband Owns Uterus."

What a terrible belief supported by religion! I could have never imagined this in todays world. I hope women react strongly to this and see that this remark is withdrawn.


Isn't this meant satirically rather than literally?

I get taken in by satire and feel the fool afterwards.  Satire, to be funny, has a piece of truth within it.  Yes, I think you are correct.  OK everybody, you don't have to say "Gotcha!"  I get it.  

I don't do well with Onion, either. 

OMG! I enjoy The Onion. I read it regularly and LMAO.

Lary9.: Of course literally! Are you asking ironically or literally?


I think, rhetorically.

Thee are no gods or goddess' - it's all imiginary - but whatever floats your boat. In the real world I can tell you how god-belief ruins everything. It's pure poison. With that said - and this being about 'women' perhaps the following will enlighten at least those few that have not known the following:


CHRISTIAN FAMILY VALUES - The Dunking Cage......

This torture/murder cage device designed by loving, peaceful and compassionate Christian men, was used to obtain confessions from women. A few fun loving Christian men even added a few 'spikes' in various places inside this cage to add to their enjoyment and to her pain. The cage was hooked to a 'swinging arm' that could swing the cage out over a river. The screaming naked and bleeding woman would be lowered into the water by ropes/pulley's underwater. maybe only 20-seconds the first time, but the next 'dunking' would be longer.

In many recorded cases the female would drown to early. These Christian men, in the name of Jesus Christ, would remove the victim from this cage, bleeding and unconscious, revive her and then have the enjoyment of starting over again. We cheer football - these men cheered women screaming and bleeding until death.

Often the Christian troture tool named the 'spyder' was used prior to this 'dunking' to obtain the necessary 'confession', at which time all material possessions (home, money, land, material possessions) became the property of the 'church'. The 'spyder' was easily the most popular for Christian men and without a doubt their most favorite torture tool. Ask and I'll give you a neat little description of what and how this device was used. Every Christian female should know about this device - and so should you.

After dunking the woman until she drowned, these Christian men would simply open the cage door and let the victim fall into the river to float away. Not a single tear for the family - her children - her siblings etc was shed by these Christian Family Values men.

For a complete list and descriptions of the many torture/death devices the Christian church used on tens of thousands of victim's see - "ThumbScrew and Rack" - by George Macdonald (1991).

Now - you might ask what all this has to do with today's modern church and those loving Christians. You probably think the torture/death has stopped - and you'd be wrong. If interested, just ask and I'll provide all the factual information that shows exactly how the Christian church in modern times continues their rampage against humanity - and expecially women.

In Mexico DF and in Toledo/Spain, there are torture museums.  

Yes...I visited such a museum in Honolulu in the 1970's where I was able to touch and examine about 2-dozen or so of these horrific Christian torture instruments.

However, this doesn't tell modern day humans about how the church has updated and changed their methods of torture/murder. Many just dismiss it as 'old school' and 'we don't do such things anymore'...without a single whimper/tear for all those victims. I tell them, "yes, your church does still torture/murder and proceed to tell them exactly how and why. They are now trapped within the deceit of their very own lies and church dogma. Women never had a chance on this planet (goddesses or not) and still struggle against church torture and murder.

What I meant was the suggestions to visit those museums, because actually see the original instruments of torture may make a more vivid impression on the reality of what it means to be a victim.  

I was the lucky one in tht I was actually able to see these Christian torture/murder devices. However, this still means little to a Christian - and those that actually do get the opportunity to visit simply dismiss this chapter in their religion as 'it wasn't me'.....and they have no feelings about what goes on today all over the world and also in America to defeat humanity and female sin particular. When I provide them a short list - the look on their face is priceless. It opens up their minds to 'what they are participating in'......and it's not a pretty picture.

Here is what I found on Google: Medieval Torture Devices.  There are a whole lot more.  It is hard to believe that the human is capable of such insanity.  Here we are, in 2011, still torturing.  Barbaric.





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