Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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Here is another reason to not use one's own photo as avatars.  Pick a lion, or bird, or salmon, rock, or cloud, or tree, or flying spaghetti monster and then read for meaning and intention.  

I wonder????

Susan, are you addressing me about the 'meat market'?

Yep, that was in response to you.  The fact that you used this site to find a match is perfectly fine as long as you don't treat this place like a meat market, which you don't.  I left "Tagged", another social networking site, for that very reason.  So, I agree with you.

And I mean that the need to have a real life close bonded committed companion does not imply that sexuality is the reason for this need.   The need for a companion is a need for emotional and intellectual intimacy.   Fulfilling a companion's physical needs is a form of thanking for his appreciation of my brain and of myself a an equal and important person.

How does that have anything to do with being aromantic?

Maybe I misunderstood you.   I first understood that calling yourself both aromantic and asexual meant to declare your not wanting any relationship, not even a platonic one.   Then I understood that you defined aromantic as about the same as asexual.   So I tried to make my point, that there can be different reasons to feel a need for a relationship, and that being only asexual does not imply to me not to want a relationship of any kind.    

I first understood that calling yourself both aromantic and asexual meant to declare your not wanting any relationship, not even a platonic one.

You were right the first time.  Perhaps I misunderstood something.

Q: What's an aromatic asexual?

A: A enuch wearing lots of Old Spice cologne [ba-da-boom] !!!



My point, to all this is that, we are ALL, "normal" human beings. That means we ALL "prefer" an attractive person versus one who is NOT. That doesn't MEAN, we do not value our brains, not at all. It's just that we want it both ways, when we can, especially if we consider ourselves "good looking" too. Yes, it's called being VAIN, and we are that, for sure. Again, I think we don't know enough atheist women in our lives because they are ALL, hiding behind religion. What amazes ME about that is, that those women really know already, that they are living a Myth. Just like they keep teaching Santa Claus to their children.

I find it sad that many people are not willing to 'date' people that are most likely 'religious'. To take yourself out of the running because they have not immediately told you "I'm an atheist" seems limiting.

I once dated a woman that I just KNEW was Catholic. I knew this without asking due to her nationality - as 99.9% in that country were Catholic. She has a masters degree in chemistry - so I knew she was smart as a whip.

When I finally got around (gently) to asking about such a thing (religion) she confirmed she grew up Catholic - went to an all girl's Catholic school - but knew little about the church.

She also told me she was interested in me because I was outspoken regarding the mess our society finds itself in (education, pedophiles, housing problem etc.) and thought I'd be great to 'talk' with. She was right and so was I. She was not really 'religious' whatsoever...even after all those years in the church - she is now a freethinker and loves reading about all the many troubles religion has caused - is causing - and will certainly continue to cause.

Don't throw the baby out to soon just cause you 'think' the bathwater is not so clean.

Steven, this is a very dangerous advice.   Dangerous for the women.   Some immature guy may lure and seduce a woman into getting involved, when she appears a tiny bit christian, while he is hoping and planning to change her to become as atheistic as he wants her to be.   When after a while he finds out, that she will never be as atheistic as he wants her, he then will ruthlessly dump her.   He may consider this only as another success in hunting and as having had an affair, while the dumped woman may be seriously hurt and her trust betrayel.  The woman may have trusted his tolerance to be allowed to continue to be herself.   

Wise people do the contrary, they choose very wisely someone, by whom they are never tempted to change him or her.   This includes to choose an atheist, if an atheist is wanted, of to tolerate a christian, if the person is accepted as a christian into the relationship.  

I don't think that is what Steven meant.  I took it that he was referring to a woman who was already down the path leading to atheism.  Not that he tries to change her.

I know, what Steven meant.   But his advice can still be misunderstood by someone immature.   Also it is a slippery slope to enter a relationship before having cleared to share the same attitude.  To often the disregard for dealbreakers and the premature entering of a relationship causes a lot of pain.

When someone contacts me, who on a dating site has defined himself as a christian, and this is the only dealbreker, then I tell him, that I am looking for an atheist.   Then he has the choice to find out, what atheism means and to reconsider, what and who he is.   If he is intelligent enough, he can come up with a clear definition of his attitude, of either being a christian or an atheist.   This can be done easily, before considering the possibility of a relationship.  



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