Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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but you con overpaint the canvas many times, before the layer of paint gets too thick.  

I know, but it's one of my twitchy irrational quirks.  I start thinking about how much paint I'm wasting and how I should totally plan this out better.  I don't think I've ever been able to just sit down and start playing with the canvas.

I must confess you are right and body modifications of others is none of my business.  I just wonder why someone would bother.  That, too, is none of my business.  So, I will cut my hair short, you allow your hair to grow and paint our body, someone else pierce their ears and noses and whatever else that pleases them, and on we go.  

There are a lot of different reasons why someone would do body modifications.  Some reasons are probably better than others...  Self-expression, an identity marker, sign of belonging or not belonging to a group, etc.  There are even people like the Lizard Man who do it for philosophical reasons.  He's a self-styled "freak", but he has a message that he's trying to get across by using his own modified body.

I think it's also not wrong to question their choices.  If a Japanese man has a tattoo, for instance, it's likely that he's part of an organized crime syndicate.  Culturally, you just wouldn't do that unless you wanted to be a social outcast.

Yeah, how dare people not want to feel itchy and uncomfortable  by shaving.

I have already said too much about this topic.   This is my last attempt about this specific topic.   In some things I am thinking so far out of the box, that I have trouble to make myself understood.

I am looking for a partner with a specific attitude about his preferences and what he values in life as his priorities.  This is a basic general attitude, that I want him to share with me.   This attitude is visible in his exterior.   His beard is just one visible expression of his attitude.  He does not shave, because HE HIMSELF feels annoyed by doing somehing, that he perceives himself as senseless and stupid.   HE HIMSELF does not want to shave.   HE HIMSELF considers shaving a waste of time.   HE HIMSELF is not interested and bothered about any grooming and self-modification.   HE HIMSELF feels most comfortable by just being natural and ungroomed. 

Being clean, in undamaged comfortable cloths but not wasting any more time on his outside is his personal style by his own wish and preference.    This is my style based upon the same attitude, that I want to share with a partner, who identifies himself with his brain.   I consider the interest in self-grooming as an unattractive attitude.  It is not only the beard.  It is the shared attitude, that a play in a theater can be enjoyed in comfortable sneakers and jeans and that dressing up is superfluous.  I am looking for a partner for shared naturalness.   He does not need a suit and tie and he does not expect from me to wear high heels and skirts.  

I know, there are men, who refuse to be bothered with grooming, because they are brainiacs and thinkers.  I want to find one of them.  These kind of men are often intelligent and rational and I expect, that they can be found on AN too.   I am mentioning my preference to encourage the non-grooming bearded guy in my age group, who reads this, to look at my profile. I did not mean to make anyone to defend his own preference for grooming himself.    

I agree. I've worn a neatly trimmed Van Dyke for 30 years. It's as much a part of me as the mole on my cheek, the tiny eagle tattooed on my posterior and the writing callous on my right center finger which by now resembles a pitiable deformity.

 Van Dyke
Español: Barba española o candado
Deutsch: Henriquatre
Français : bouc
Nederlands: uitgeknipt van 
Русский: эспаньолка (стиль Генрих IV) [wtf?]

I don't think there are fewer women atheists.  We make up 50% of the world population and the atheist UU congregation I grew up in was also equally mixed as are the democratic meetings I attend, the local UU congregations and the Atlanta Freethought Society meetings.  I do agree that women are less likely to talk about it openly; I for one learned at an early age that we didn't discuss religion in public or with anyone outside our congregation because the overwhelming majority of people in my hometown, and the entire South as it turns out, are highly religious and view atheists as somwhere between unfathomable or dangerous, as if it's contagious (I wish!), and it could cost you socially and maybe your career. 


I was raised an atheist but only my closest friends, which includes most friends on Facebook, know of my political and religious leanings because I was also raised abiding by the "golden rule" to avoid the "3 forbidden topics" in public/polite conversation - politics, religion and sex.  I wish more people still followed those rules, it might keep public discourse a bit more polite.

Simone, your mention of the "3 forbidden topics" reminded me that some years ago I heard this wisdom: Whatever I don't speak of can be used to divide me from others.

For instance, if I don't speak with others of religion, I don't know them and am less trusting of them. Not trusting them leads to fearing them. Ditto for politics and sex.

"Divide and conquer" works.

The ancient Roman Tacitus said it this way: Were the people to rule themselves they would create trust. May they ever have distrust for one another, for as our need for power hurries us on, fortune can give us no greater gift than their mutual distrust.

Why do most christian women dress attractively and most atheist women do not?

Can it be possible, in the brains of the christian women, that the reason they dress nicely, compared to atheist women, that christian women "think" there is "another life" waiting for them, (not to mention God and Jesus) so they want to always look their best, NOW!

That presumes the original statement/question is an accurate depiction of atheist and christian women, which it is not.




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