Women all over the world are seen to be getting more and more active, even in areas which were said to be men's bastions. Why then are there far fewer women atheists compared to men? Are women more religious? Are they still dominated by their men? Or by religious authorities? Are they too busy in their domestic affairs or are they simply not concerned? What is it? 


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Susan, are you addressing me about the 'meat market'?   I am so sick and tired of dating sites being reduced as meat markets by men, who degrade women as bodies.   They chose women by pictures and are not bothered about any attitude as is atheism.   I am hoping to find a different kind of man, who has the special talent to be able to appreciate a woman by her brain.   Such men are attracted to sites like AN and a few are here to find a woman like me.  

Just a little adjustment here, Maruli:

Men don't "enable" women to be atheists or visa versa.  

Female atheists who seek enablers depend on someone else to "enable" them to be. 

Female atheists and male atheists can participate together, but neither "enables" the other if each has no belief in a supernatural being that controls their lives.  

Joan, you completely misunderstood my obviously poorly constructed sentence: "who is able to appreciate a woman by her brain enabling her to be an atheist."  

Of course I am talking about the woman's brain enabling her to be an atheist and not the man!!!!!!!!    I mean a man, who appreciates me, because my brain enables me to be an atheist. 

To consider a man as an enabler to anything a woman thinks is so alien to my entire attitude, that it even did not occur to me, that this sentence could be misunderstood. 

Fifty five years ago at football games between the Univ. of Florida and the Univ. of Mississippi, I thought Mississippi women were prettier than Florida women.

There were also more women at Miss. because six years earlier there had been no women at Fla. (and no men at Fla. State).

So there!

Madhukar, what an interesting comment, "I think what Joe was saying about pretty atheist women was in jest and I too answered him in the same vein."

Personally, I wouldn't have such a conversation, even in jest.  I have lamented the absence of critical thinking of both men and women and I have groused about having to listen to sports or fast cars endlessly. I would rather be alone than spend time listening to narcissistic palaver. 


Joe, it is possible that the religious and fancy women go to church because they feel that that is a good venue to showcase their beauty, while atheist women are less concerned about such superficial effects and so they are incospicuous.


Are you guys idiots, or something?

Compare women you meet in churches with those you meet in bars.

I agree - there are very few attractive people in the world - I see very few - all of them are way too young for me.

Everywhere i've ever traveled - even to the next city - I see many beautiful women. When I'm out walking I see beautiful women driving past me. I'd give every single one of them a whirl.

Now, for long lasting attractiveness you've got to add a brain to the mix. This is when the 'real' beauty shines forth. This is when you know you've really got a 'beauty' sitting right in front of you. Being able to talk about the 'whole world' is really another essence of a true relationship and beauty.

Atheist pretty women? Walkin' down the street...

(---a Roy Orbison reference for you youngsters)

Those same youngsters are probably saying "Roy who?"




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