Press release 3 December 2012: Nestle and co's US$400 million threat against the Philippines. 

Nestlé-free zone

Formula for Disaster Part 1

Formula for Disaster: A documentary (Part 2 of 5)

Formula for Disaster (Part 3 of 5)

Formula for Disaster: A documentary (Part 4 of 5)

Formula for Disaster: A documentary (Part 5 of 5)

I know from personal experience in Mexico the water supply in the Barrios of Juarez was from 50 gallon drums kept filled by water trucks. All kinds of vermin drank from those drums spreading bacterial infections, deadly to babies and elderly. My friend, Rosa, gave birth to ten babies, four died of dysentery.

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Thanks for informing me of this issue.

I've always been a bit "militant" on the issue of baby formula. I have three children: Fuchsia, 14-breastfed for 20 months, Danté, 11, breastfed for 13 months, and Annika, 6, breastfed for nearly 48 months (I was soooo embarrassed-she absolutely would not wean!). As an atheist, I wanted to give my children the best start possible. I have never understood bottle-feeders, with the exception of women who are ill, and can't breastfeed for medical reasons.

Besides Danté's asthma, my kids are insanely healthy. Their IQs are through the roof! All three are in advanced classes. This is not conceit or bragging. Yes, I do realize that it's not *all* because of the breastmilk. I also work with them each Sunday for 1-3 hours learning about history, science, or English. Of course, on 3/14, we learn about Pi and other mathematical things. But I do believe that my milk gave them a huge advantage over their peers.

Roswatheist, I felt that way about my children as well. Forty nine years ago we adopted a five day old boy. I had milk because I was pregnant and was able to breast feed him. Previously, I had five miscarriages and I didn't expect this pregnancy to go to term. When Cary was five-months 13-days old our twins were born and I breast fed them as well. It was quite a task, but one that I enjoyed. They have been extremely healthy kids and I don't believe it was only because of my milk, but because of our bonding, good food, proper care and attention. I was able to give the basics, and details had to wait. I also used cotton diapers and that was a huge daily job. 

Women who are ill, or who have to work and can't pump, then there are few other options. You, clearly have been able to give them time and attention, even now as you give help with their homework. That attention makes a tremendous difference.  

Perhaps mothers will return to breast feeding as we see that so many children have many health problems that seemed not to exist years ago ... I could be wrong. But it seems, even with modern medicines and easy access to health care, there are so many ear, lung, digestive problems and behavior problems, there surely is a food link. I continue to read all the information I can about healthy meal planning, even though my three children turn 49 years old this year, I have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We all pay attention to nutrition. 

Keep up the good work, and continue to spread information about breast-feeding benefits. 




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