Now that we enter the time the Celtics called Imbolc, a pagan celebration of the beginning of spring and season of new life, I ran across this video on preparing for winter driving. It offers reasons for each thing he puts in his vehicles to be safe driving on winter roads. I made a file, "Winter Driving" so that I could find the information next winter. Hope it helps you.

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One tradition which has been a part of my winter driving regimen since 1995 is mounting snow tires onto my car from roughly November through March.  While all-season tires can be an improvement over standard rubber, snow tires are particularly formulated to deal with temperatures below 40°F, as well as snow and ice.

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I would like to endorse The Tire Rack as an excellent source of tires and wheels, and just as importantly, expertise on both.  I have worked with them for both winter and summer applications and have not once been disappointed with their advice.  They have my unmodified recommendation.

Thanks, Loren, for the information about  The Tire Rack. It goes into my "Winter" file. 


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