What do you make of this slideshow-to-music? It's interesting but I can't make a coherent narrative. It seems to be saying something profound, but just out of reach.

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Ruth, this is a Keeper! Powerful images evoke powerful feelings. Our generation will be known as the Age of  Bombs, Bullets and Bullies.
To me it states the beginning with a bang, processes of evolution, human degradation to greed, ending in a bang, whether caused by natural forces or human, there is an end to this paradise we know as Earth. 

I'm not certain it's trying to be all that "profound."  The shots at the end (from 1:50 on) show future disasters, both real and potential, then several shots which all appear to be at minimum interplanetary and at maximum intergalactic in scale ... maybe putting what could happen to us into perspective.  We're one tiny planet, amounting to a grain of sand by comparison with the size and scope of the universe.

Then again, I could be fulla beans, too. [shrug]

You are not full of beans at all; you just see it differently than I. The thing about these chosen images is reality of change, of natural forces, including the natural force of greed in minds of homo sapiens and willingness to damage water, air, soils and decimate human and natural life. Whether it be belching out toxic smoke from a chimney or knowingly destroying the balance of climatic processes, there is a whisper of hope in the good science can do when people of good spirit unleash their care and compassion.
All of that is irrelevant, because the earth has a life cycle as well and we live in an age of splendid abundance/grotesque need. My vision is that we live in a world without hunger, homelessness, ignorance and this film gets me into imagining a utopia. Oh! I know, it will never come about, but if there is no vision, it can't come about.
It is all going to come to an end in the natural processes of stars and planets and solar systems and universes ... all so big I can't imagine its scope and scale. The one thing I do know, we live on a splendid planet with everything we need provided without our doing: water, air, soils. We have additional advantage or curse of being able to think, reason, remember, imagine, hope, dream, live and all of this without anything we invented or created. We just exist. What comes out of our individual and collective existence depends.  


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