I'm so angry I can't think of anything to say...except that I had more than one abortion Before the Pill, and Before Roe v. Wade.  Even if all methods of contraception and abortion were made completely illegal tomorrow, women would still find ways to terminate unwanted and/or dangerous pregnancies.  Or they would do what I was thinking of doing before somebody helped me...commit suicide.

"Pro-lifers" are really Pro-Liars.  (I don't see any of them standing in line to adopt unwanted children.)


From the Freedom From Religion Foundation:

News Release and Action Alert!

FFRF Statement

An Unholy Alliance: Kathy Byron, the Falwell Empire, and the True Motivations behind HB 462

Feb. 21, 2012

Infamous Virginia House Bill 462, currently in a Senate committee but expected to pass and be signed into law, imminently forces women to undergo invasive ultrasound imaging prior to an abortion. The bill would essentially require women to have a transvaginal ultrasound — a lengthy procedure that involves a doctor forcing a probe into the vagina — for no valid medical reason. It has been pointed out, correctly, that this is tantamount to rape and torture. Transvaginal ultrasounds are dreaded by patients. This antiabortion bill was introduced to penalize women seeking abortions, and to raise the cost and number of required appointments. The bill has received a lot of press, but not much has been said about its proponents or their motivation. 

Delegate Kathy Byron R-Lynchburg, is the “chief patron” of the bill.

A closer look at the sponsor’s connections may reveal an answer. It turns out that the original sponsor is in bed with the Falwell Evangelical Empire. Byron is from Lynchburg, Va., home of Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church, both founded by the late Jerry Falwell. Byron’s office is less than two miles from this Christian enclave, but her ties to Falwell’s religious empire are more than geographic.

According to her Facebook page, she is a member of Thomas Road Baptist Church. In 2008, Byron was the chief sponsor of a bill honoring what Christopher Hitchens called, “the empty life of this ugly little charlatan.” That bill honored Falwell, the “Chaucerian fraud,” because “Falwell presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions of people over the course of 50 years,” was a zealous proponent of Christian education, established the Moral Majority in attempt to unite Christianity and the United States government, was an advocate of a particular sect of Israeli politics “in adherence to the Abrahamic Covenant,” and was a man of faith, prayer, and a devotion to God. (See Hitchens for a critique of Falwell’s “support” of Israel.) Byron also unveiled the “Jerry Falwell Parkway” sign on June 30, 2008, and this year she sponsored HJ 196 officially honoring Jerry Falwell’s cousin Warren. Currently, Byron is a named co-plaintiff alongside Falwell’s Liberty University in a challenge to the universal healthcare law that is before the Supreme Court.

The most terrifying aspect of this unholy alliance is Liberty University’s plans for a “Center for Health and Medical Sciences” which Emily Heady, a dean at Liberty, calls “a great ministry opportunity.” The proposed ministry received a $12 million grant from the Virginia Tobacco Commission in September 2011. Who sat on the Commission at the time? Kathy Byron, of course. One would think that steering a $12 million grant to your church empire would amount to a conflict of interest. The vote came just before her term expired in January 2012, but as Byron said, “It's a project that has been worked on for more than a year now -- shovel ready to go, from a university that's established itself as a leader.”

This university is not a leader in academia, it is a leader in indoctrination that wishes to expand to indoctrinating physicians. According to Jerry Falwell Jr., its chancellor, Liberty University is “the largest Christian university in the world. Liberty was founded in 1971 by my father, the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr., with a vision to train Champions for Christ as a world class university.” This hereditary kingdom “promotes a lifestyle of Biblical morality” and has a doctrinal statement that will make you cringe.

Byron claims that the transvaginal ultrasound mandate is solely designed to give a patient seeking an abortion all the information: “a woman has a right to have all the information available to her before making that decision.” Hypocritically, Byron is also sponsor of a bill that eliminates a mandate for giving patients "all the information" in another medical set of circumstances. Current Virginia law requires parents to give their children the HPV vaccine, but allows them to opt out “after having reviewed materials describing the link between the human papillomavirus and cervical cancer.” Byron’s bill, HB 1112, removes the “informed consent” requirement, allowing parents to opt out of the vaccine without reading of the elevated risk of cervical cancer. Byron proposed both bills this session, which makes it clear that she is not the least bit genuine in her claim about getting patients all the information.

HB 462 is not about informed consent. It's about the State putting women seeking abortion through a barbaric test to punish and burden them. Like the religious backlash against the birth control mandate, this bill is about forcing others to conform to the biblical worldview of a small cabal of ultra-conservative Christians. Freethinkers don’t believe in prophets, but Hitchens’ obituary about Jerry Falwell seems prescient: “The evil that he did will live after him. This is not just because of the wickedness that he actually preached, but because of the hole that he made in the ‘wall of separation’ that ought to divide religion from politics.”

Take action!

Virginia's Roman Catholic Governor has already promised to sign the bill into law. (Under the Virginia system he can amend laws after final passage by the legislature, but there's no way to amend this bill to make it palatable.) Gov. Bob McDonnell is in contention for a GOP Vice Presidential nomination.

• Contact information for Gov. McDonell is available here

Taking points

(Copy and paste if you like)

Veto HB 462 – a punitive, barbaric, costly and medically unnecessary invasion of privacy of pregnant women, which will immediately be tied up in litigation. This bill declares war on women's rights in the the name of religion. 

Thank you for your help! 

For maximum effectiveness, write as an individual and not as someone responding to this action alert. We are pleased to receive “blind” copies by email at action@ffrf.org.

Action Alert by Andrew Seidel, FFRF constitutional consultant 


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Wow, I've been following this shit (even creating a petition) for months but this is truly astonishing information. A true conspiracy, fully documented, as plain as day. And nothing will come of it in the name of religious freedom.
In all fairness, the interest in your crotches is quite biological. It's how we come after them that matters.

They are ashamed of sex.  How do they manage to reproduce so damn fast?  They're like Ishtar Bunnies!

More like Ishtar Flies.

They have been made ashamed of sex by their various religions, and are also still somewhat primitively afraid of the power of women to produce life when men cannot.  (Somebody said that if men could become pregnant, birth control clinics would be as common as gas stations.)

Scary!  The only hope for this planet, IMO, is the fact that more and more people raised in religious families are rejecting their early indoctrination...as have most of us.  We all have done it on our own; nobody came to my door to hand out atheist tracts when I was struggling with the contradictory buybull.  I know a few atheists who were raised by freethinkers, but they are the minority.  We had to pull ourselves out of the muck by our own bootstraps.

Thanks -- I will take action against this -- appreciate you posting this here.

Before long you´ll be in the dystopia described in The handmaid´s tale by Margaret Atwood.

Is it useful if foreigners write to McDonell about this? I tried, but the form doesn´t allow me to fill in an address outside the US.


I don't know.  I think it might be useful for for Virginians to know that the rest of the world knows their politicians are out of control.

You might try snail mail or FAX:

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1475
Richmond, Virginia 23218

Street address:
Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
view directions to the office...

Phone Numbers:
(804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351

Governor McDonnell is backing down.  I got this "Breaking Noose" from a friend in DC:

The governor has turned tail.
There is also a 6 picture array of protesters over this issue.  If you want to see the pictures the Post makes you watch a 15 second ad.

I'm glad it worked! But it's horrible that you have to put up with attack like these.

That is somewhat good news -- "somewhat" because it could lend an additional air of legitimacy to "more reasonable" existing and future abortion hurdles with no medical purpose, such as the noninvasive ultrasounds that will still be required, just because they don't descend to state-mandated rape.

You have a point.  Anything to control women while pretending to be concerned for our welfare....because we're too stupid to think for ourselves.  Yeah. Right.

There must be a secret law that men who become politicians must have IQs lower than their body temperatures.  Although a few smart ones do squeak through.  (Bernie Saunders comes to mind.)

As Roy Zimmerman says in his fantastically snarky song "Defenders of Marriage", they're an "army of dicks with a military stance...let's get the government out of our lives and into our pants!"  Even though the song is about gay marriage, it's just as apropos of the war on women.  

As an RN, I'm outraged that women should have to run a gauntlet of government-imposed medical scare tactics consisting of blatantly false information about conception, pregnancy, and abortion risks vs. childbirth.  Why not grill the fathers in this situation?  Force him to sit through some graphic propoganda, and mandate that he pays half the medical bills? And when it comes to birth control - why not put men on the spot at the pharmacy when they want to buy condoms or spermicidal foam or whatever?  How about some lectures on the sinfullness of pre- or extramarital sex and wasting their precious sperm?  And, as famously proposed, how about requiring a prostate exam prior to obtaining Viagra?  

Damn it, I'm just so fucking mad about this, I can't even be professional.  I even had this crazy protest idea - a "No More Pussy" protest against this legislature.  Women all over America tightly crossing their legs against sex.  That's right - no more sex for these asshole conservatives until, their balls purple with frustration, they withdraw their grubby, greedy little clutches from our reproductive rights.  This should work even on those conservatives with submissive, Stepford-like wives, because they'll quickly find out that they ain't gettin' it from their mistresses and even prostitutes have better things to do.  It would be even better if we could get the gay community to join in and refuse sex to those congresspeople who like to get it on the down low.  

Okay, so it's just an impractical fantasy - but wouldn't it be great?  You liberal, progressive, secular, intelligent guys would be getting it all night long and thumbing your noses at the blue-balled repugs.  Fantastic.

I've written my letter and I hope it helps.  I'm thinking that the next target on the hit list for these assholes is the right to vote.  I wouldn't at all be surprised. 




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