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I prefer my strategy of 'skinning up' after the rapture
These guys were picketing in front of the UFO museum in Roswell, NM.
And the definition of irony award today goes to
Thank you. I accept this award on behalf of all the people who will be laughing their buts off today.

Some clown (a "friend," actually) on the ICHC web site suggested that all the members who "survive" or are (_* (Left Behind) should jam their "Contact Us" facility on Sunday to let them know we're still here:

Message from Danoz:

IMPORTANT NOTICE Sunday 22 May everyone who has not been RAPTURED please email ICHC to let them know. Use the "Contact Us" at bottom of this page. Anyone not doing so may be deleted from ICHC's data base Please pass this on to all your friends please :]


I don't know why he's suggesting this; it's not a nice trick to pull on the cheezpeeps, and they didn't have anything to do with all the hysteria....  [shrugs]


I wanted to do THIS...but didn't get around to it last night:

memes - Does everyone have their rapture buddy?
PS: What I'd really like to do is rent a billboard near Oakland, or in the buybull Belt somewhere, and just have one question in large red letters: "DID YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT SH*T?"
Love buybull *<):-D

Thanks.  I didn't invent "Buybull."  I don't remember where I first saw it...maybe on Austin Cline's A/A forum in 2001 or '02.  Before he started trying to make us play nicely with all the fundie trolls.  Gah!  It IS useful.  Spread it around...get more people to use it. Maybe it'll catch on.


I tried desperately to believe, when I was a teenager, because everybody else seemed to be getting something good out of it all, but something in me was always wary....


And I truly cannot buy that bull!

One of the most effective atheist billboards.
And American Atheists is more than welcome to use it.
What do they have against UFOologists?  That's a fun little museum.  I love Roswell.
I don't think it was *against* the UFOoligists. The museum's just in a good central location.
They're trying to attract people who already believe fringe things.




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