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Good point. I didn't want to say that, though I was certainly thinking it, because I didn't know if anyone here would be offended by it.
The Wholly Babble?  I got a bit excrement-faced in my local tavern about Rapture time--watched the Preakness.  My drinkin' buddy was hustling some lady.  He said he thought he had a chance to get "raptured" later.
Well, maybe she won't remember what he looks like if they see each other in public some time. Funny, though.

Akshully, I'd call it the "Holey" buybull/babble.  Y'know.  The old expression about "plot holes big enough to sail an oil tanker through...."  Or an entire armada of aircraft carriers...


I did something kinda fun (and forbidden, for me) last night; I added some Magnum Ice Cream bars to my grocery order.  Their ads have been driving me crazy...not the svelte models, of course, but the close-ups of the ice cream itself....oooooohhhhh, la-la.  They'll be here in a couple of hours.



I emailed Seth this morning to let him know that it's featured on the main page of atheist nexus.


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