Yasmine Mohammed - Confessions of an Ex-Muslim (The Thinking Atheist)

Yasmine Mohammed is not your average ex-Muslim.  Not only did she get shut of Islam, she also managed to escape what was at one time the most notorious of radical Islamist organizations: Al Qaeda.  She has since documented the story of her apostasy in a soon-to-be-published book, Confessions of an Ex-Muslim.  Seth Andrews has managed to cross paths with Yasmine and the following video allows her to sketch out some of her backstory for us.

I'm especially pleased to see her conversation with Seth here because, this August, Yasmine will be coming to northeast Ohio to speak at the Northern Ohio Freethought Society's "Party in the Park," which should be a great time, considering she'll be sharing top billing with a Ra named Aron! [big grin!]

Meantime, please enjoy the video!

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Postscript: I have just finished two of the three chapters, plus Epilogue of Yasmine's book which are posted on the website, linked above.  I could say that, after finishing the second sample that all I said was, "Oh, wow," but I would be overly polite.  Confessions is looking more and more like a must-have, based on what I have read to this point and Yasmine a woman who has been through the mill and too much more.

Two more excerpts to go, and yeah, I'm gonna read 'em both.

Thanks for the links, Loren; indeed, I will read everything she generates. 

To my knowledge, Lilac, her book hasn't been released yet.  If I hear any news, I'll post it.

Very good video.  I like how she says we should be more concerned with this most dangerous religion that wants to rule the world.  I think I can trust her viewpoint more than many people because she was up to her eyeballs in it, and so speaks from firsthand knowledge.




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