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Degrees of Doubt: The Claims and Credentials of Ravi Zacharias (The Thinking Atheist)

Anyone here ever run onto an apologist by the name of Ravi Zacharias?  I've seen his name dropped multiple times on YouTube as supposedly b…

Started by Loren Miller

1 May 17, 2017
Reply by Chris

The Most Hated Woman in America (The Thinking Atheist)

Before Aron Ra and Matt Dillahunty, before Dawkins or Dennett or Harris or even Hitchens, there was Madalyn Murray O'Hair.  In the midst of…

Started by Loren Miller

7 Apr 19, 2017
Reply by Gary S

Proud Dad is REALLY Proud Now!

As some of you may or may not know, my daughter is a television news producer, currently working in Nashville, Tennessee.  Her assignment i…

Started by Loren Miller

16 Apr 12, 2017
Reply by Todd Williams

attacking ideas (TheraminTrees)

Attacking ideas is a considerable portion of what we as atheists do.  Why attack ideas?  Ideas earn attack when they don't serve people, no…

Started by Loren Miller

1 Apr 4, 2017
Reply by Grinning Cat

bending truth, or "We Can All Be Manipulated" (TheraminTrees)

The following is one of TheraminTrees' most thorough-going pieces, wherein he looks at the process and techniques whereby a "religious" org…

Started by Loren Miller

40 Apr 4, 2017
Reply by Grinning Cat

The Playboy Interview: Richard Dawkins

I suppose it was the news that Playboy magazine was returning nudes to its pages after a year's hiatus that sufficiently perked my curiosit…

Started by Loren Miller

16 Mar 28, 2017
Reply by Loren Miller

God's Annual Performance Review (Betty Bowers)

I don't know about you guys, but there wasn't a performance review I had in 30 years of field service that I didn't LOATHE.  It seems as th…

Started by Loren Miller

6 Mar 19, 2017
Reply by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

Learning a Language as a Mature Adult

Trying to keep my mind exercised, and not interested in most of the reading materials that I can find. I decided to attempt to learn a lan…

Started by Daniel W

28 Mar 2, 2017
Reply by Joan Denoo

Such Lyrics!

Hello Friends, I was ruminating a bit today on my sixty-some years existence. My mind went back to teenage years when I first figured out r…

Started by Donatien Alphonse François

9 Feb 13, 2017
Reply by Grinning Cat

degrading love — part two (TheraminTrees)

TheraminTrees set up religion with his left in Part One of his treatise on how religion demeans and degrades the value of love.  Here in Pa…

Started by Loren Miller

1 Feb 11, 2017
Reply by Joan Denoo


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