Forgive me in advance because I will generalize. I’ve spent a good deal of time working in the area of occupational health promotion. The bulk of this time has been working with the generational type (my father did it & my grandfather did it & … ) professions of commercial truck drivers and offshore oil rig workers.

These are about as conservative gun-toting blue collar folks as you’re like to see. These professions are ‘typically’ unhealthy and very aware of the prevalence of poor health as well as the need / desire to address the issue.

These same folks, very often, distrust and avoid doctors when it comes to addressing matters of their health condition. BUT, I have never seen such strong use, belief, and promotion of fad gimmicks anywhere else. Magnets, copper, detoxifiers, ionized water, and limitless applications for ‘patches’…

I just keep wondering what ‘switch’ there must be in a mind that can result in a person viewing the world with their default setting accepting the irrational and rejecting the rational?

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Part of it is the placebo effect. Sadly, most of these snake oil gimmicks can hurt you. They will either stop people from seeking effective medical treatment, or they directly hurt people.

Cancer is probably the worst example. I've seen people who were diagnosed with stage 1 cancer put off medical treatment in favor of vitamins and other "natural" remedies. By the time they sickened enough to come in for treatment, the cancer was in stage 3 or 4. Stage 1 cancer is 98+% curable. Stage 3 or 4? Ranges from jack to shit curable - even if you reach remission, you've only got a few years before the super-crazy aggressive treatment kills you.




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