Propecia is one of the few treatments to actually regrow hair.

Unfortunately, it's expensive. The way to get it cheaper is to ask your MD for a prescription for generic Proscar. Proscar is Propecia, but intended to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It comes in 5mg tablets, but you can use a pill cutter to cut them into halves or more. (Fifths, to equal the dosage in Propecia, but even 5mg is safe.)

This is not medical advice. Talk to your MD before doing this.

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From what I've read, there are many kinds of hair loss, and though things like Propecia and Rogaine can help when it's a hormonal deal, there are several things you can try before that if you're not already taking good care of your hair, including:

Not taking hot showers
Not toweling your hair too hard since it can damage the follicles or pull them out entirely
Using conditioner
Not brushing your hair when wet since it's more fragile then
Keeping it trimmed shorter or trimmed regularly (short thinning hair is less Noticeable than long thinning hair)
Scalp massage to increase blood circ. to the scalp




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