Hi group, all three of you. I am a long time cyclist, from 6 years old to 61, running for about 15 years until I blew out right knee, two surgeries. Six months ago I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, which turned out to be a really good time, since my exercise routine was taking a bad turn. I would be exhausted halfway into a 60 ride; barely able to turn the pedals, turns out that carbo-loading becomes a razors edge decision for diabetes. I got my bloods sugars straighten out, mostly with small diet changes, before, during and after a ride. Just as I was getting back into a routine, I torn the meniscus in my left knee when a tree I was cutting caught on a limb of a nearby tree, and falling directly toward forcing me to leap out of the way. I have no doubt my god fearing neighbor will claim it was god hand of justice that pushed the tree toward me. Fortunately I have a good doctor, and his suggestion was that instead of another surgery, that I continue to ride which will eventually smooth out the tear, as long a the pain is tolerable.

Of course one of our (my wife and I) favorite times to ride is Sunday morning when all the church parking lots are full and the roads are relative empty. Still there is the occasional curse thrown our way, not to mention ice, beer cans, plastic drink bottles, etc. On one occasion has we were riding in the middle of a group containing 12-15 cycling in a pace line, one car swerve around us, got beside my wife and female passenger yelled “Get off the fucking road bitch”, at which point the car pulled into a big Baptist churches parking lot, the one finger salutes flying out of both the drive and passenger side. They exited the car, a man, women and three kids, who had just received a Sunday morning lesson in good Christian values.

Any other experience where religion has interfered or disrupted your exercise routines. I was also a member of a Christian gym for about 15 years, I was a great gym, modern weights and equipment, Olympic size pool and outdoor track, sauna, and cheaper than all others is the area. Only problem was the played a continuous loop of Christian music, so I spend a fortune on Walkman batteries, Journey and Springsteen worked best, to blot out the other.

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I weight train on sundays and usually I train about 3 hours or so after I wake up on Sunday. So about 11 am. I don't have the luxury of the gym being empty, but I do get to see all of the wacky t-shirts people wear to the gym after church. I'll take a picture if I see any this weekend.

I think if I ever spot (help with a lift spot, not "see") someone wearing them I'm just going to yell, "let jesus lift the weight" and "it's all jesus!"

Well, as we all know, morality doesn't come from the bigoted religions. So I think you're ok.
I once had the misfortune of forgetting to bring my iPod to the gym.

Two creationists were going back and forth on "the problems with evolution" for an hour -- problems like "we didn't even know about evolution until humans," because dinosaurs were supposed to keep track of it -- I suppose.

I've always double checked for my iPod and ear buds since then.



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