"Bullshit is so prevalent when it comes to health and diet advice that there's a good chance even your doctor gets a lot of it wrong. There are so many myths and old wives' tales out there, and for every one that happens to be true, there are dozens that amount to little more than superstition. It's a thankless task, knocking down these myths, but one we believe is for the ultimate good of humanity. So get ready to scream "bullshit!" the next time you hear ..."

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Thanks for those interesting articles Steph.  I saved several items.

I was happy to read that being out in the cold will increase your chance of catching cold, because it always seemed logical to me that stress from being cold would do that.  I've read a number of articles that say it's not true, and back-up the claim by studies where healthy young men were stressed by cold and no increase was noted.  However, I always thought, yes, but what about older people, or people that are not as healthy?

But then, one of your other articles seemed to contradict the first one, so who knows?

Something I was especially interested in reading is that a cold virus doesn't hurt us.  Our immune system overreacting is what causes the misery.  

Another especially fascinating item was that a spoonful of sugar cures hiccups even if you've had them for days.   They say that a strong dose of sweetness gives the nerve something else to focus on instead of harassing your diaphragm.

I saved that article in case I ever need it.  I dislike hiccups so much, I think doing it for an hour would be torture.  I've always wondered how people stand it, that have had it go on for days or weeks.

I get rid of hiccups very quickly by either of two methods.  Drinking small sips of water and swallowing rapidly for a minute will do it.  When I don't have water, I put my head back, open my mouth as wide as it will go, take in as much air as I can, and hold my breath.  When I think the urge is over, I exhale slightly and immediately fill-up again.  If no urge is felt, I'll exhale a little more and fill-up.  I keep this up until I'm breathing normally again.

When hiccups start, I try to use one of these methods as quickly as possible because I've found that the longer the hiccups continue, the harder they are to stop.

If I can remember it, I'll try the sugar method to see if it works for me.

That was enlightening. However, I'm still not going to eat red meat, because of the saturated fat.

How does a roast beef sandwich count as processed meat? Do they assume it's deli roast beef rather than fresh beef you actually roasted in your oven?




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