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How not to catch the norovirus

... "norovirus" continues to squirm its way through the population, effortlessly transforming ordinarily carefree human beings into spluttering, sulphurous geysers of molten waste.

... a very simple mental trick ...

Just imagine you're a murderer, that the entire world is your crime scene, and that if you leave a single fingerprint anywhere, you are GUARANTEED to die in jail. If you adhere to this rule, you won't touch anything with your bare hands, and almost certainly won't fall victim. You'll also get so good at opening doors with your elbows you'll feel like a Paralympian. [emphasis mine]

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Thank you Ruth. Maybe you could wear those plastic or latex gloves sold in many drugstores to open the doors. I am clicking on the link now.

"The norovirus … shown slightly larger than actual size."  Amusing article, but also gross.  

I do use tissues to open public restroom doors, and wipe my shopping card with the wipes that some stores provide.  I sometimes think maybe I should use them for more things, however, my track record of not catching what's going around is very good, so I don't get too Monk about it.

Steph, gloves sounds like an idea to consider.


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