Gut bomb: That turkey burger could kill you, and here’s why

I've been eating ground turkey every week for years. This scares me.

In a just-released study, Consumer Reports tested 257 samples of ground turkey from supermarkets, and found that virtually every one was contaminated with either fecal bacteria, staph, or salmonella. Even worse, most of the fecal bacteria were resistant to one or more antibiotics important to human medicine.

... new USDA regs would actually reduce the number of government inspectors, shifting responsibility for visual inspections to slaughterhouse company employees, while increasing the speed at which the chickens move along the processing line and increasing the number and frequency of chemical disinfecting washes used on the carcasses.

... virtually all of the chicken you buy at the supermarket has been chemically disinfected, most frequently with chlorine but also with other, more toxic chemicals. It’s no sure fix, of course, since pathogens can hide in nooks and crannies that the sprays, which focus on surface contamination, can’t reach.

One industry-associated food safety expert I spoke to, Michael Doyle of the University of Georgia’s Center for Food Safety, said the industry has relied on chemical washes without necessarily using them appropriately, and that these new regs will help address that shortcoming.

... helpful resources, like the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s new “Risky Meat Guide,” to avoid meat with the highest rates of bacterial contamination. [emphasis mine]

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Brrr! only a matter of  time before we find out what's wrong with the other things we eat...

Great!  The meat I eat the most is the greatest danger.  

Too bad.  I'm going to take the risk and keep eating chicken because I can't afford other meat very often. Also because I like it better than turkey or beef.

However, I will do more to reduce the risk, as suggested in the "risky meat guide".

Not just ground turkey, but other kinds of meat also:

90% of Meat Samples Contained Fecal Bacteria

"The most recent NARMS retail meat report stated 90 percent of pork chops, ground beef and ground turkey, and 95 percent of chicken breasts, were contaminated with fecal bacteria."

Sometimes vegetables also get contaminated by fecal bacteria, like the E. coli in spinach scare.
You can just cook meat very well, to kill the fecal bacteria.




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