Another complicated chemical name to look for in products such as shampoo or cosmetics, methylisothiazolinone! It sounds as if the worst risk would be for fetuses of pregnant women using these products.


A new study finds that low concentrations of the chemical methylisothiazolinonehas subtle but measurable negative effects on the neural development of tadpoles. The chemical is found in some cosmetics,...

In the cosmetics industry, the biocide methylisothiazolinone or MIT, is considered safe at concentrations of less than 100 parts per million. Lab studies, however, have found that lower concentrations affected the growth of animal neurons.

...we found that exposure to this compound during a period of development that's critical for the fine wiring of the nervous system disrupted this period of fine tuning."

Aizenman said consumers should know about the study's results and pay attention to the ingredients in the products they use, but should not become worried based on the basic science study.[emphasis mine]


Cosmetic Chemical Hinders Brain Development in Tadpoles

And then they say, don't worry--be happy. Were I pregnant, I'd stop using cosmetics and examine shampoo labels very carefully.

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Does all makeup contain this? Or just certain brands -- I didn't see that in the article.

Switched to no-poo ages ago! Yay for baking soda and lemon juice/vinegar!




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