I have a hard time working out alone. I don't have anyone to work out with, being that I'm a girl and most females around my neighborhood are mom's.
Too bad there are more girls in this group...

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I work out alone; I do outdoor jogging on a trail pretty much daily and I also do strength training every other day at home. I like the solitude of being out there on my own with just my thoughts.
I work out alone. I know that a work out partner can be motivational, but for me, I don't want to have to wait between sets and I don't want to negotiate the work out. I've been hitting it for 20 years... other people are more of a distraction

I prefer to work out by myself. My wife my join me but I'm there competing and getting pushed by the hardest competition in existence... myself.


Can I mentally and physically conquer my own being?

I work out alone and with people, it depends on what I'm doing.  I think the important thing is to get the work done though . . .

I work out alone.  I actually like it better that way.  I do my weights first and then I do the cardio part of my workout.
Even when I go to the gym with my husband, we work out separately and just meet to go home. It's easier being independent when you tally everything you've done in your routine. We print out charts with Excel, with little boxes to check off the date, our weight, how long we do each aerobic exercise, each machine, and stretching/ floor work. It's also easier to keep everything straight when you're busy thinking about something else as you go along.
I have an Excel chart that I use too!  I put the weight amount that I lift so I can tell if I am progressing. 
I also use http://www.fitday.com/ to count the calories and exercise I do daily.
It keeps track of everything and its is free! : ) It really helps!




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